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Unplugged #1 - Building the Koita brand, with Mustafa Koita

Welcome to Unplugged, our fireside chat series, where we host casual conversations with some of the region's boldest and brightest game changers. In our first recorded episode, Nuwa Capital's Stephanie Nour Prince chats with Mustafa Koita, founder of Koita Milk. In 2016, Mustafa ...  Show more

Episode 21 - Navigating the MENA food frontier

In Episode 21 of our podcast, I sat with Nadine Benchaffai of Fab Food co, Tortilla Mexican Grills (UK), Taqado Mexican Kitchen - and many other much-loved homegrown brands. Nadine explains the intricacies of (and the required mindset for) building successful food brands in marke ...  Show more

Episode 20 - When it all goes wrong: lessons from Jeeran, Part 1

Before moving over to the investing side,'s Laith Zraikat was the cofounder of along along with Omar Koudsi. Jeeran, founded in 2000, was one of MENA's earliest and at some stage most trafficked and valuable digital businesses in the region. The company starte ...  Show more

Episode 19 - Business and openness

There is a clear mismatch between the demands of the modern day traveler and the available supply of apartments. As a corporate traveler, Aahan Bhojani sought the comfort of a homely apartment with the conveniences of a hotel, something that proved difficult to find. A year later ...  Show more

Episode 18 - Art, NFTs and the evolving meaning of ownership

Art and Web 3.0 are two spaces where community is a key driver for growth. And through both, we have also seen the meaning of 'ownership' evolve. While further digging into the Web 3.0 space earlier this year, we felt the need to explore the unfolding of NFTs from a creator's per ...  Show more