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Episode 14 - Pet care, healthtech, e-pharma, and unexpected parallels between Europe and MENA

The global pet care industry was estimated to be at c. $200B in 2020. It is, in fact, larger than the baby care market (c. $70B) and trailing shortly behind the child care industry (c. $270B), with pet owners spending more and at a higher rate on their pets. In MENA, the market r ...  Show more

Episode 13 - Is the mental health space about to have its penicillin moment?

Similar to the healthcare industry, the mental health care and provision system was built for and within an environment that has since greatly shifted. While the mental healthcare system has traditionally depended on therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists, the supply of qua ...  Show more

Episode 12 - A Renaissance man in the Digital age

The Lighthouse seems to sit at the nexus of venues that are at once both familiar and inviting. A place where conversation, culture, literature and curiosity intertwine at ease and unfettered. Perhaps a Fitrovia Tavern to the budding Dubai Bloomsbury group.  As Hashem comes from ...  Show more

Episode 11 - Building for giants

With Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) increasingly looking to sell directly to consumers, Seez pre-empted the disruption coming to traditional dealerships by building a full suite of SaaS-based products allowing them to provide a real omnichannel experience. As end-consume ...  Show more

Episode 10 - The coverage conundrum, and why we all still have a lot of work to do

Media is a difficult industry. It is resource-intensive, extremely high-touch, and requires a constant state of being switched on to developments within sectors of focus. It is even more challenging in an atmosphere where things move faster than in traditional industries, and whe ...  Show more

Episode 9 - This is not investment advice

There is a clear paradigm shift in how we think of wealth generation and capital more broadly. While previous generations may have primarily relied on passive income, today’s generations have a clear and rising appetite for a different kind of investment. And even more so in our ...  Show more