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#canceled - Episode 1

Introducing our #canceled series: Every Friday afternoon, we set up in our meeting room and discuss market developments, hot topics - give or take a few tangents - to wind down and conclude the week. Totally unscripted, and very, very lightly edited. Ep. 1 features Khaled Talhoun ...  Show more

Episode 17 - Reliable online infrastructure is an essential prerequisite to any digital economy

Traditionally, startups have had to face large delays prior to launch due to the need to build infrastructure and core back-end functionalities in-house, such as the acceptance of payments. This takes up valuable resources, and shrinks the amount of time developers have to build ...  Show more

Episode 16 - Building equity value alongside founders

The tech ecosystem across MENA is young but rapidly evolving. As recently as a few years ago, startups were restricted to fundraise from limited sources of capital, predominantly from a handful of VCs or angel investors. Today, with increasingly more capital entering the ecosyste ...  Show more

Episode 15 - On changing food habits and the waning ‘need to cook’

Two years ago, many of us went through some sort of a reset in terms of how we think of, prepare, and consume food. With more time spent at home, some resorted to making their own bread and nut butters, while food delivery still soared. This, however, may have only acted as an ac ...  Show more

Episode 14 - Pet care, healthtech, e-pharma, and unexpected parallels between Europe and MENA

The global pet care industry was estimated to be at c. $200B in 2020. It is, in fact, larger than the baby care market (c. $70B) and trailing shortly behind the child care industry (c. $270B), with pet owners spending more and at a higher rate on their pets. In MENA, the market r ...  Show more