Inappropriate Questions

Inappropriate Questions

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Answering your questions and looking back on Season 3

It’s the end of Season 3! Elena and Harv look back at some of the highlights of the season and answer some of your listener questions. Together, they discuss the challenges of hosting, finding the right questions to tackle, and share their proudest moments from the season. Thank ...  Show more

Is “What are you going to do now?” good small talk?

We often ask new people about what they do for work, and if they’re in a transition period, the question becomes “What are you going to do now?” Whether they’re graduating, starting a family, or about to retire, we are fascinated about career next steps. Is asking this a good way ...  Show more

Is it okay to ask an autistic person “Are you sure?”

Autistic people are sometimes met with skepticism when they tell someone they’re autistic, especially when they don’t match others’ assumptions of what autism is. Harv and Elena speak to TikToker Jam about how they realized they’re autistic, some of the challenges they face, and ...  Show more

Should we ask “Where are they now?” about former child actors?

We often look back on our favourite movies or shows and wonder where those actors are now. But how does it feel to see this question asked about you? Elena and Harv speak to author Lisa Jakub about her time as a child actor in Mrs. Doubtfire and how her measures of success change ...  Show more

Is it okay to ask formerly incarcerated people “Why did you do it?”

People are fascinated by the reasons people commit crime. But is “why” the right thing to ask a formerly incarcerated person? Kadeem Reid shares his story with incarceration, the impacts of the prison system, and what he wishes people would think about before asking this question ...  Show more

Is it helpful to ask a blind person “Do you need help?”

People who are blind or have low vision sometimes get approached with offers of help—whether they need it or not. Is it useful to offer help, or is it overstepping? MasterChef Season 3 winner Christine Ha joins Harv and Elena to talk about building a culinary career while losing ...  Show more