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In Conversation with the Niqabi Comedian, Rapper, and Model - Amy Roko

In this episode, I welcome my funniest friend Amy! Amy has been changing the world of content creation and comedy since day one. We covered (pun intended) all the topics from the portrayal of Arabs in movies, self-criticism, dating, friendships and modelling! We even have a speci ...  Show more

Heal Your Gut and Reset Your Health with Paula Benedi

In this episode, I welcome Paula all the way from the UK! We talk about the realities of setting your own business, the good, the bad and the ugly. I also learnt so much about gut health and how it impacts every aspect of our day to day. We also talk about health influencers and ...  Show more

Dealing with Failure and Self-Love with Salama Mohamed

In this wonderful first episode of season 5, I welcome my friend Salama! We have such a good catch up on life, but also dive deeper into what it means to be successful, how to deal with emotional abuse and protect your boundaries. We also talk about the reality of being an entrep ...  Show more

Beauty Standards for Men, Being a Successful Brown Woman and Finding the Right Husband - Dr Vali

In this spin off episode, we have the pleasure of chatting with Dr Vali who came all the way from London. Shawana, or simply Dr. Vali as she’s better known to her legions of fans and loyal clients, has cultivated a cult-like following that stems from her approach to radical trans ...  Show more

Boys, Fame, Failure and Faith - Your Host in the Hot Seat

I switch seats in this special episode where my best friend Shweta interviews me for a change, and we get deep! We talk about faith, dealing with fame, boys, insecurities and many more. Tune in for an oversharing experience xx