Goethe MakerCast | جوته مايكر كاست

Goethe MakerCast | جوته مايكر كاست

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Episode 14: Maker Education – The Missing Link? | حلقة 14 : لمياء نايل

‏We close off this season with a very special guest: Lamiaa Nail shifted from the field of Engineering to STEAM education and manages now programs like “Girls Make” and the “Maker Diploma” where new technologies, sciences and arts become tangible through creative thinking and pro ...  Show more

Episode 13: Recycling with Style | حلقة 13 : مونيكا ميشيل زكريا

‏When we hear about environmental design in architecture, we often think about including more plants in the building design. But what, when the surrounding environment is not full of lush greenery but instead has lots of waste and human made refuse? We can include it through recy ...  Show more

Episode 12: Dream it, build it! | حلقة 12 : محمد عبدالسلام

‏What is 3D printing, what different types of printing are there and how does this technology shape our economies in the future? Mohamed Abdelsalam, founder of the Egyptian company IN3D that builds 3D printers, shares his insights about how to use 3D printing for prototyping, wha ...  Show more

Episode 11: Exploring a new Reality | حلقة 11 : محمد دياب

‏How to explain future technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality? Where can they be used and what is this Metaverse, everybody is talking about? Meet Mohamed Diab, a pharmacist, who uses with his Egyptian company Ebers VR, AR and Animation technologies to support Ed ...  Show more

Episode 10: Sketching and Beyond | حلقة 10 : ندى جمال الدين

‏Sketching is a great way to interpret your ideas, and it’s safe to say that working with colors and paint helps to relax and calm down - but can anyone do sketching, or do you need a talent or an artistic background to do so? In this episode we speak with Nada Gamal-Eldin, an ar ...  Show more