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DISRUPTORS: Why DAOs? With Tracheopteryx

“The next Buddha may be a Sangha.” DAOs are the next step in collective development, slated to transform life and work as we know it. We are now at the very beginning, and what we’ve seen is only the edge of the shadow. Our second DISRUPTORS guest, Tracheopteryx, gives a new defi ...  Show more

Crypto Raiders: Creating an Anti-Fragile Game Economy with Skill-Based Gameplay

We sit down with Nicholas Kneuper (CEO) and Nat Eliason (DeFi and Tokenomics Advisor) of Crypto Raiders, an NFT-based dungeon crawler game on Polygon. We dive into earning passive income with MOBS, $RAIDER and $AURUM tokenomics, composability between Polygon games, and much more. ...  Show more

Web3 is a Shared Experience: Reka and Raz, Co-Founders of Agora

Closing out our Web3 series, we sit down with Reka and Raz, Co-Founders of Agora, a studio DAO building essentials for communities. We dive into community role management with Guild, connecting Web2 and Web3 communities, and much more! Show Notes: (00:00:00) – Introduction. (00:0 ...  Show more

Web3 is Frictionless Collaboration: Stepan Simkin, Co-Founder & CEO of Squads Protocol

Continuing our Web3 series, we sit down with Stepan Simkin, Co-Founder and CEO of Squads Protocol, a collaborative infrastructure for Web3 native teams. We dive into how Squads facilitates collaboration, the state of DAOs on Solana, onboarding the next wave of users, and much mor ...  Show more

BreederDAO: The Metaverse Factory Producing Strategically-Aligned Assets at Scale

In this episode, we sit down with Renz Chong, CEO of BreederDAO, an NFT asset factory for blockchain games. We discuss BreederDAO’s business model, $BREED tokenomics, critiques of the guild model, and much more! Show Notes: (00:00:00) – Introduction & Renz’s background. (00:04:50 ...  Show more