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Rising Above Diabetes: Conquering the Greatest Adventures and Challenges

Are you ready to be inspired? In this episode of Dialogue, Pam speaks with Milly Larmer from Gulf For Good where you'll get an inside look at her journey as a person living with diabetes. From conquering mountains to taking on other physical challenges all around the world - noth ...  Show more

A New Season of Health, Wellness and Diabetes – Welcome to Season 5 of Dia-Logue with Pam Durant

Welcome to Season 5 of Dia-logue: The Diapoint Podcast!   As the summer winds down and we find ourselves in the season of renewal, it's the perfect time to reflect and reset our goals—especially as we like to think of September as 'the new January.' This season, we have an incred ...  Show more

Exercise with Type 1 Diabetes, with Ginger Vieira

Join us as we speak with Ginger Vieira about her new book, Exercise with Type 1 Diabetes. She shares so many insights to how insulin works in the body and how exercise effects our blood sugar. We also talk about the use of CGMs in people without diabetes, and she shares a little ...  Show more

The Importance of Diabetes Advocacy, Addressing Stigma and The Language We Use With Renza Scibilia

Today, Pam speaks with Renza Scibilia, a renowned diabetes advocate. Renza is a leader who has been using her voice to make significant strides in addressing stigma and improving the language used when discussing diabetes. Don’t miss this discussion and chance to learn more from ...  Show more

Type 1 Diabetes, Parents and Caretakers: Understanding and Coping With the Trauma of Diagnosis

Join Pam for this very important episode of Dia-Logue: The Diapoint Podcast as she speaks with Farah Dahabi, a Clinical Social Worker and Director at LightHouse Arabia who specializes in grief, trauma, and health psychology. During their discussion, they unpack the trauma a paren ...  Show more