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New Year, New Noise! Healthy Does Not Mean Unaccessible And Over Priced

New Year, New Noise! The new year is full of messages and advertisements that you should hate yourself or your life. Don't!   Goal setting on January 1st is not necessary! Sometimes it's not even fun! Your first mission for this year is to love the person you were last year and d ...  Show more

Motherhood, Caretaking and Diabetes - A Conversation With Zeina Hashem Beck

In this episode, Pam digs into the supportive world of motherhood and caretaking with the award winning poet, Zeina Hashem Beck.   As the mother of a child living with Type 1 Diabetes, Zeina shares her perspective on how the matriarchy helped her after her daughter's diagnosis. S ...  Show more

How To Deal With Diabetes Burnout - An Interview With Ginger Vieira

Pam welcomes Ginger Vieira, the author of of several books, to this episode of Dia-Logue: The Diapoint Podcast. Ginger and Pam discuss how to prepare for and manage diabetes burnout when it happens. They cover some of the wisdom from Ginger's book, Dealing with Diabetes Burnout. ...  Show more

Co Chocolat: Truly, healthy chocolate - An Interview With Iman Suguitan

Co Chocolat was founded in Dubai by two sisters, Iman and Luchie Suguitan. They struggled to find healthy chocolates despite their many travels. Together, with their mother who was 68 at the time and is experiencing diabetes, they traveled to the beautiful island of Mindanao, Phi ...  Show more

What Is A Diabetes Health Coach?

Coaching, at any level and for any endeavor, exists to support and challenge the you.  No matter who is being coached, or for what purpose, a successful coaching engagement must support and challenge a person. A health coach is a professional who helps people manage, set goals an ...  Show more