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Episode 80: Rebroadcast of 2017 Episode A Summer Inside NFTE

Rebroadcast of Episode 39: A Summer Inside NFTE, original airdate December 28, 2017. This summer we took an inside look at the New York office of the Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship, also known as NFTE. NFTE is a non-profit organization providing educational entrepreneurshi ...  Show more

How You Doin’? Vol 10: Matt Bennett, Founder of Dreams Aren’t This Good

What’s it like to grow a salsa brand? We check back in with Matt Bennett, Founder of Dreams Aren’t This Good Salsa. We first spoke to Matt in 2019 when he was just starting off. Since then, Matt has developed a proprietary chip bag, several new flavors, and began selling on Amazo ...  Show more

Episode 80: Elia Wolberger, Founder of Feed Your Sister

New Yorkers are eating all wrong!  That’s according to Elia Wolberger, Founder of Feed Your Sister.  Elia is a private chef who saw New Yorkers had more in their pantries than they thought, yet still had high delivery and grocery bills.  The solution according to Elia is Plan, Pr ...  Show more

How You Doin’? Vol 10: Hannah Weitzer and BC of Seachange Collective

Social justice is in the news these days.  Whether it’s resulting from the pandemic, Black Lives Matter movement, or issues related to access, social justice is on the forefront of the minds of a lot of New Yorkers.Who better to check in with than Seachange Collective, our guest ...  Show more

Episode 79: Mario Vivas, Founder of Criollas

What’s it like to start a restaurant in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic in New York City?  What about if that restaurant was in a subway station when ridership was at an all time low.  Is it crazy enough to work? In this episode we speak to Mario Vivas, the Founder of Criolla ...  Show more

Episode 78: Andrew Cabasso, Co-Founder of Postaga | The Platform that Obtains Leads and Makes Marketing Easy

Andrew Cabasso, Founder of Postaga, steps onto the New York Launch Pod to discuss his outreach company that can identify relevant marketing opportunities for any business by crawling the internet for appropriate blogs and podcasts and connecting you with real humans on the other ...  Show more