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Zach Weinersmith on Bea Wolf

In this episode, we hear from cartoonist, writer and do-er of many things, Zach Weinersmith.Zach gives us an insight into his latest creation, Bea Wolf, a graphic novel retelling of Beowulf. Zach shares some of the thought processes behind the project and how it came into creatio ...  Show more

James Kochalka On Glork Patrol

In this episode, we hear from writer and artist James Kochalka.James shares how he started on his own comic reading journey, through to becoming the artist and creator we know him as. A prolific creator and entertainer of all, James has had wonderful success that allows him to st ...  Show more

Norman Shurtliff and Skull Cat

In this episode, we hear from writer and artist Norman Shurtliff.Norman shares his creative journey, from early explorations into geek culture and art through to his current success. We discuss his latest book, Skull Cat and the Curious Castle, available now. https://www.topshelf ...  Show more

Breath of Shadows w/ Rich Douek & Alex Cormack

In this episode, we hear from the amazing creative duo Rich Douek and Alex Cormack.They both share their journey, from early influences and where they first started to geek out about things, to how they got started creating their own content. We pick up their journey working with ...  Show more

Storytelling with Ms Tonya Todd

In this episode, we hear from podcaster, writer and actress, Tonya Todd.Tonya shares with us her love of storytelling in all its many forms. Whether it's anime, comic books, the written word, theatre, movies or music. We explore some of the interconnecting links between them and ...  Show more