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Listener Stories Ep 9: Our Spirit Team

This is a very special listener episode because, for the first time, Nichole and Scott are recording in the same studio in person! Another reason is that they share some of their experiences about the recent Body, Mind, Spirit Celebration in Cincinnati, Ohio, which served as a sp ...  Show more

Looking for Angels Book Available Now!

It is finally here! The long-awaited book Looking for Angels: A Guide to Understanding and Connecting with Angels, is available NOW on Amazon in hardcover, paperback and Kindle formats. You can also snag it at Barnes & Noble or your favorite bookstore. The audiobook will be avail ...  Show more

Listener Stories Ep 8: You Are Not Alone

This week’s listener episode is energizing, to say the least! It begins with a follow-up conversation about artificial intelligence (AI) that was covered in Episode 150: The Power of Authenticity. Scott shares what it’s like working with a psychic, and then four touching stories ...  Show more

Stand in Your Truth (with Suzy Schaak)

Clairvoyant healer, yoga teacher, and writer Suzy Schaak is back after first appearing on A Psychic’s Story in Episode 78: Body Wisdom (one of the most popular episodes of all time), where she shared about her first experience seeing angels, how her dad’s ALS (amyotrophic lateral ...  Show more

Trusting Your Gut (with Eboni Banks)

Intuitive Healer Eboni Banks comes from a lineage of healers and wellness practitioners on both sides of her family. Her maternal great-grandmother read palms for a living, and her late father was a social worker and hypnotherapist. While Eboni was aware of her intuition since ch ...  Show more