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#33- Amir Farha (Founder & CEO of COTU Ventures) on finding & living your values

Amir Farha has started two venture capital firms, Beco as a co-founder and COTU Ventures as CEO and Founder. He’s one of the most passionate and empathetic leaders in the VC space when it comes to dealing with people and entrepreneurs. His firm, COTU, literally stands for “Champi ...  Show more

#32- Abdulmajeed Al Sukhan (Co-Founder & CEO of Tamara) on why building companies is tougher than fighting cancer

This episode was recorded live at the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival (SEF). Our first live show!Abdulmajeed is a serial entrepreneur in the true sense of the word. He is co-founder of Nana (the largest grocery delivery platform in KSA) and currently co-founder and CEO of Tamar ...  Show more

#31- Nicki Wilson - Founder & MD of Genie Recruitment on building culture using unconventional wisdom

Nicki Wilson is the Founder & MD of Genie Recruitment, a leading specialist recruitment company covering the Consumer industries. She’s been a lifelong entrepreneur and tried her luck at various endeavors before finally starting her own recruitment firm. Her firm has become well- ...  Show more

#30- Kunal Kapoor - Founder & CEO of Luxury Closet on curiosity as a foundation to building great products

Kunal Kapoor is the Founder of Luxury Closet, the second largest luxury marketplace globally. Kunal started with the ambition of working for a large technology company early on, but decided to join his father’s shoemaking business and went on to become a shoemaker. After working ...  Show more

#25- Hattem Mattar (World’s 1st Arab BBQ Pitmaster) on finding your radio frequency

Hattem Mattar is the World’s first Arab BBQ Pitmaster and the king of BBQ in the UAE. He was nominated the culinary ambassador to the UAE Embassy in the United States, cooking for seventeen thousand people across 62 US cities over 100 days. Hattem shares stories of personal sacri ...  Show more