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#18 - Wesley Faulkner: AWS, Community Management, DevRel

Today's episode is with Wesley Faulkner, Senior Community Manager at AWS. We have discussed several topics ranging from community management, community ops, becoming a devrel, and much more!   0:00 Podcast intro  0:41 Wesley's intro  1:19 Being a 1st generation American  3:33 Rol ...  Show more

#17 - Tiffany Jachja: Engineering Management, Career Coaching

Today's episode is with Tiffany Jachja, Engineering Manager at Vox News and Career Success Coach at Correlation One. We have discussed the following:  - What is the role of a Career Success Coach  - What is the role of an Engineering Manager  - Difference between Engineering Mana ...  Show more

#16 - Karl Hughes:, Writing, CTO, Content Marketing

Today's episode is with Karl Hughes, Founder and CEO of We have discussed the following:  - What Draft provide  - Marketing content with a content marketing engine  - His adventures of being a CTO  - Difference between Tech Lead and Head of Engineering  - The feeling o ...  Show more

Podcast rebranding + announcement of two projects

This episode is not a guest episode, it is just an announcement about the rebranding of the podcast (nothing major, it became part of a project) plus the announcement of two projects that I am working on which is the "Reconfigured" branding and my own startup that I am going to l ...  Show more

#15 - Alexandra-Irina Nicolae: Product Management, Ideas, Axel Springer

Today's episode is with Alexandra-Irina Nicolae, Senior Product Owner at Axel Springer. We have discussed the following:   - What Axel Springer is   - What Axel Springer offers   - What is Product Ownership   - Her shift from English and History and Academia towards Product Manag ...  Show more