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#22- Jonathan Gottfried: empowering hackers, launching impactful hackathons

Today's episode is with Jonathan Gottfried, co-founder of Major League Hacking (MLH). We have discussed several topics from organizing hackathons to fostering diverse events and building the next generation 00:00 Intro 00:41 Jon's intro 00:51 Rewarding aspect of building ...  Show more

#21 - Karl Swanepoel: empowering freelancers, building impactful startups

Today's episode is with Karl Swanepoel, CEO of Revolancer. We have discussed multiple topics ranging from how freelancer websites are doing things wrong, how Revolancer empowers freelancers, starting your own business, connecting with the right people, and much more! 00:00 In ...  Show more

#20 - Jillian Funes: from software development to product management

Today's episode is with Jillian Funes, Technical product manager at Canopy Servicings. We have discussed several topics from how to get into product management, transitioning from software development to product management, difference between project management and product ma ...  Show more

#19 - Liz Acosta: Skyflow, Twilio, From coding bootcamp to Dev Advocacy

Today's episode is with Liz Acosta, Developer Advocate at Skyflow. We have discussed several topics from how to get into developer advocacy, getting into a bootcamp from a non-tech background, and much more. 00:00 Intro 00:42 Liz's introduction 01:49 Liz's current pos ...  Show more

#18 - Wesley Faulkner: AWS, Community Management, DevRel

Today's episode is with Wesley Faulkner, Senior Community Manager at AWS. We have discussed several topics ranging from community management, community ops, becoming a devrel, and much more!   (0:00) Podcast intro  (0:41) Wesley's intro  (1:19) Being a 1st generation American  (3 ...  Show more