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#27 - Yan Cui: Serverless on AWS

Today's episode is with Yan Cui, Principle consultant at TheBurningMonk Limited. We have covered several topics related to serverless in terms of adoption, architecture, security, tooling and frameworks, testing and monitoring, and much more Chapters: 00:00 Introduction and B ...  Show more

#26 - Christophe Zoghbi: AI Education in MENA

Today's episode is with Christophe Zoghbi, founder at Zaka AI and Beirut AI. We have covered several topics related to AI from its impact on daily activities, trends, challenges and bias regarding AI, and much more 00:00 Intro 00:23 Christophe's intro 00:57 Christophe's journey i ...  Show more

#25 - Patrick Samy: Reaching your peak performance

Today's episode is with Patrick Samy. Patrick is currently working on Peak (, co-founder and CEO of Span (acquired by Eight Sleep). We have talked about several topics from working in big corps, starting your own company, providing market fit, and muc ...  Show more

#24 - Shane Afsar: how to be an effective engineering manager

Today's episode is with Shane Afsar, Senior Engineering Manager at Algolia. We have talked about several topics including engineering management, remote team management, dealing with legacy systems, getting involved in the business of things, how to know if someone fits your ...  Show more

#23 - Fadi Boulos: Hiring right and supporting local in companies

Today's episode is with Fadi Boulous, founder and CEO of Supportful. We have discussed several topics from supporting local talent, decreasing the brain drain, supporting companies efficiently, dealing with remote teams, hiring the right talent, and much more 00:00 Intro 00:4 ...  Show more