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The Healing Power of the Cognitive Reframe (Fighting Our Propensity)

“We seek sameness – This is the root of distortion.” The Power of the Cognitive Reframe A colleague at work recently remarked that I had a talent for keeping conversations positive (and therefore productive), even when meetings turned towards the negative. I thought, “Wow, do I h ...  Show more

My Top Ten Tips For Runners In Their 40s and 50s

“Adaptation to physical activity declines with age.” Runners In Their 40s and 50s Let’s face it! From a fitness perspective, getting older, without the proper mindset and approach, is potentially disastrous. We are sore in places we never knew we could. Our energy level throughou ...  Show more

An Introduction to Emotional Self-Regulation (Managing The Chaos)

“Sometimes emotions feel like chaos regardless of what is going on around me.” Emotional Self-Regulation A few weeks back, we did an episode on grounding exercises for anxiety. We received a ton of listener feedback from individuals wanting much more in-depth information on regul ...  Show more

Kickstart Your Wellness - Walking For Fitness and Tips For Motivation

“Motivation is a practice, not an feeling” Walking To Kickstart your Wellness Journey Walking is the best way to start and sustain your wellness journey. Whether you are attempting to lose weight, or improve your emotional wellbeing, walking is an accessible activity for anyone w ...  Show more

Strain vs Recovery - What I Learned After Using Whoop 4.0 This Month

“Data rich does not mean useful, only interesting.” Is The Whoop 4.0 For You? Are you thinking about getting the Whoop 4.0? Have you seen mixed reviews of the product and don’t know where to land? I dove in and made the six month financial commitment to give the wearable a try. I ...  Show more

What I Noticed Going Alcohol and THC Free After 50 Days

“Allow time for up-regulation at the neurological level.” Going Alcohol and THC Free…Again! Making the commitment to eliminate alcohol and THC products from your life is one you will never regret. On the first day of January this year, I made the commitment to stop drinking alcoh ...  Show more