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Stimulants (Methamphetamines) - Horrors, Harms, & Care Options

“Meth does not discriminate.“ Methamphetamine Resurgence Methamphetamine is the most destructive non-pharmaceutical substance impacting every sector of society. It results in both violent and non-violent crime in every community it impacts. This is evidenced by the work done by t ...  Show more

How I Trained and Finished My First 42.2k - Liz Garrett, Vegan Marathoner

“Plant strong equals kick ass vegan marathoner!” Vegan Marathoner Liz Garrett Liz recently completed the Eversource Hardford Marathon on October 8th. Liz comes back on the show to describe her training strategy and approach to completing the marathon distance. For the plant-based ...  Show more

Gratitude - The Critical Step in Your Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing

“Gratitude is about people and not events or things.” Gratitude and Personal Growth Our success is defined by those who helped get us here. As we develop into better individuals, parents, and professionals, it is critical that we take the time to acknowledge those who have made t ...  Show more

My Husband's Recovery Journey and Our Commitment to Sobriety as a Family

“Today is the first step in many.” Our Recovery Journey as a Family In today’s episode, I reveal our commitment to recovery as a family of two. COVID provided a gift – Issues became magnified as they were impossible to conceal due to proximity. My husband has struggled over the y ...  Show more

Orthorexia - The Lesser Known Eating Disorder Among Vegans

“We are committed to not promoting dieting.” Orthorexia In The Media Orthorexia, a lesser known eating disorder not yet approved by the American Psychiatric Association, is characterized as an obsession with eating, ‘clean’ food. Individuals typically categorize food in terms of, ...  Show more