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How To Safeguarding Your Creativity Before Signing Any Publishing Contracts

In This EpisodeBeyond the Pen presents an essential episode on understanding contracts in the publishing industry. Maccabee and Chelsea share their experiences, insights, and cautionary tales to help indie authors protect their creative work. Learn the art of negotiating terms, d ...  Show more

Crafting Captivating Book Blurbs: Your Ultimate Guide to Hooking Readers

In this episode of "Beyond the Pen," hosts Maccabee and Chelsea unravel the mysteries of book blurbs. Learn why your book blurb is your first pitch to potential readers and why taking shortcuts or relying on AI is a recipe for disaster. Get actionable tips for crafting book blurb ...  Show more

How Researching the Human Experience Can Help You Tell Your Families Stories

Join us in this captivating episode of "Beyond the Pen" as we sit down with indie author Shirley Novak. Discover her incredible journey through the world of hybrid publishing, her success with The Fulton Press, and valuable insights into the challenges she faced during her book's ...  Show more

The Ultimate Guide to Genre Tags, Ad Scams, and : Unlocking Your Book's Marketing Potential

In This EpisodeCalling all indie authors! In this episode of "Beyond the Pen," hosts Maccabee and Chelsea deep-dive into the art of genre-specific marketing. From horror to dark fantasy and tragic romance, learn how to effectively promote your indie book across different genres. ...  Show more

Unveiling Author Branding Secrets and Genre Surprises through Digital Marketing for Authors

In This EpisodeJoin hosts Maccabee and Chelsea in this captivating "Beyond the Pen" episode as they delve into the intricate world of author branding and marketing platforms. Discover the secrets to crafting a cohesive brand that perfectly mirrors your literary work while reachin ...  Show more