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Meet Egypt’s first climate billionaires

For our sixth and final panel, we brought on the guys who we think are likely to be Egypt’s first climate billionaires by building one of the most exciting of Egypt's climate startups — Shift EV,  which efficiently and cost-effectively converts fleets from internal combustion eng ...  Show more

Keynote interview with Leslie Reed, Mission director for Egypt, USAID

We interviewed on stage Leslie Reed, former mission director for USAID in Egypt and current director for Jordan. Leslie discussed the role development finance has in moving the needle on climate  — including a dive into how USAID is trying to help us save the coral reefs along th ...  Show more

How do we pay for it all? The climate finance debate

The massive re-plumbing of the global economy to become more climate-friendly comes at a very high cost. So, how are we going to fund it all? In come the banks. Banks are no different than the rest of us: They want to know where the opportunities are. They worry about not doing e ...  Show more

Dive deep into the macro factors shaping how corporates across global emerging markets are dealing with climate change

EFG Hermes Research Managing Director and Head of Strategy Simon Kitchen joins us on stage to talk about how business leaders across global growth markets are coping with climate change — and the macro factors that are both shaping opportunities and constraining room to act. Simo ...  Show more

Climate is the biggest business and investment opportunity of our generation — here’s practical advice on how to get in on the ground floor

We dive deep into what the business leaders in the climate industry in Egypt and the region have to say about how the private sector is adopting greentech, where they see the opportunities and what they’d like policymakers to do to encourage further participation. Key takeaways i ...  Show more