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#86 - Thanksgiving 2 with Willa Zhang

Well whaddya know? We're revisiting another episode that we've already done. But this time with someone new! Willa Zhang joins us to talk NPR, Garfield, Heathcliff, and a new tier list of Thanksgiving foods.Volt Mother: Twitter: https://ww ...  Show more

#85 - Goosebumps 2 with Sam Schultz

Two scary episodes in a row?! What's going on here? Sam Schultz (SciShow Tangents, Kermitment) returns to talk Halloween, childhood costumes, and the newest TMNT movie. Also, we do our best to survive R.L. Stine's Wicked Wax Museum! Will the boys make it out alive?!SciShow Tangen ...  Show more

#84 - CAMP HORROR SPECIAL: Horror Hosts with Charley Macorn

Creeping back from the dead, it's Nostalgia Entertainment System! In somewhat conjunction with Camp Horror Film Festival, we're joined by mercurial icon and host of your generation Charley Macorn to talk a slew of horror hosts, horror movies, and whether or not we have souls.Camp ...  Show more

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#83 - UNLOCKED - Star Trek: The Next Generation - 3 Episode Rule

From the depths of Patreon comes another 3 Episode Rule! What does Josh think about that zany space crew?!MoonRayker: Twitter: Instagram: Patreon: ...  Show more