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Digital Payments & Wallets Changing the E-Commerce Landscape

Digital transformation is playing a crucial role in enhancing accessibility and inclusion across various sectors globally. Anna Tutova, Deepak Gupta, Maria Paula Oliveira, and Sarah Toukan discussed the rise of digital payments and mobile wallets in fostering financial inclusion ...  Show more

Work Smarter not Harder Content Repurposing and Distribution

Effective content strategy and repurposing are essential for engaging diverse brands and audiences. Mamta Varekar, Anastasiya Golovatenko, Riham Essam, and Jen Blandos emphasized understanding the client's audience, collaborating in content creation, tailoring content, utilizing ...  Show more

Largest X Space - Conversation with Mario Nawfal

Mario Nawfal discusses his transition from cryptocurrency to geopolitics, detailing how his content strategy supports his business ventures. He also highlights the potential of web3 gaming and the metaverse, defends his approach to controversial figures, and expresses aspirations ...  Show more

Ethics and Bias in AI Algorithms

In a discussion on the ethical implications of AI algorithms, Alnura Belyalova, Karim Tout, Sandra Helou, Maryam Al Ansari, and Andrea Ronchi deliberate on the potential biases inherent in automated decision-making systems and strategies to mitigate them. 

Budget Allocation and Optimization for Retail Brands

Discussing budget allocation, Juliette Nicholls, Bassem Saber, and Abeer Raza share insights on smart spending and engaging customers, providing practical advice for maximizing marketing impact.Sign up for Step events now to the Step Feed news ...  Show more