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Driving Growth in High-Traffic Shopping Seasons

In the face of high-traffic shopping seasons, marketing experts Cheryl King, Mona Faris, and Nora Tourky come together to share the secrets of retail success. They explore clever strategies to handle the surge in customer demand and thrive.Sign up for Step events https://stepconf ...  Show more

Rethinking the VC Model

Rethinking the VC model is not just about securing funds but also about finding the right partners who understand your vision and values. Speakers Abe Seksek, Ritesh Tilani, Kenzie Falcoz, and Priya Rajan explored the changing face of venture capital and discussed how founders ca ...  Show more

Deal Flow: Investors, Startups and Enablers

Global economic trends and investment practices are under scrutiny. Here, Omar Shabaan, Amal Dokhan, Aboudi Qattan, and Issa Aghabi discuss the impact of these trends and practices, along with the challenges and opportunities for startups. They emphasize the importance of rigorou ...  Show more

Transitioning Stages and Mindsets From Seed to Growth

Scaling startups from seed to growth is a complex journey, fraught with challenges but also brimming with potential. Notable speakers, including Khaled Ghorab, Nitin Reen, Aya Sadder, Ahmad Mirghani, and Sami Bejjani, shared their insights and experiences, offering perspectives o ...  Show more

The Importance and Impact of Startup Programs on Founders

Startup programs help early-stage entrepreneurs succeed by providing community support, mentorship, and validation. Elliot Dunham, Baldeep Singh, Hasan Wehbi, and Firas Abdulwahid shared their insights on how startup programs helped them launch and grow their businesses, includin ...  Show more