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Growing a Fintech in a Fragmented Market

The number of Fintech is continuously growing and becoming the latest talk of the town.Fintech speakers Shafique Ibrahim of Walvat, Ihsan Al Hayek of DAPI, Danny Abla of Bankiom & Narendra Nandal of Nym Card spill all the details about the growth of the fintech in a fragmented ma ...  Show more

CleanTech and Renewables Solving Carbon Emission

Diving into long-term and short-term effective solutions can be really impactful in reducing the carbon emissions in the MENA region. Anne Marie Thodsen of The Umbrella Institute, Jeremy Crane of Yellow Door Energy, Vielham Hedberg of ekar and Cornelius Mattes of Dii Desert Energ ...  Show more

Talent Acquisition and Retention in MENA

What is the right talent in the startup space? How can we keep and secure talent in a company? Christian Eid of Ducklife, Nathalie Spree of True Search, Adel Khalil Hemdan of Talabat, Tymour Fisher of Nomad homes, and Shubham Yadav of Startegy Connect are leading tech experts and ...  Show more

Cybersecurity and Consumers' Data Protection

With the amount of data that we're putting out there, it's becoming easier to get hacked, especially when UAE is one of those leading on the digital government in the world.Mossab Hussein of SpiderSilk, Rudy Shoushany of Dxtalks, Mohammed Amine Belarbi of Project Cypher and Multi ...  Show more

Fitness for the Mind: How to improve our mental well being

Mental fitness and physical fitness are related without a doubt, but how? The interplay of thoughts, emotions, and actions has been studied, and there are common practices that proved to have a positive effect on mental well-being.Nadine Chammas of The Life Director, Suna Zoabi-O ...  Show more