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E124: Finding Rest in Recreation

Are there opportunities for rest beyond a weekly sabbath?Yes! Day-to-day recreation is a very realistic option for experiencing rest between sabbaths. What are the activities that leave you feeling restored and that fit (or could fit with a little help) into your daily schedule? ...  Show more

E123: Finding Rest in Sabbath Rhythms

How do I start incorporating sabbath into my rhythms of rest after graduation?We continue our summer series on rest with Lynne Baab, author of Sabbath Keeping: Finding Freedom in the Rhythms of Rest. Listen in as Lynne helps us get a better understanding of the application of sab ...  Show more

E122: A Foundation for Healthy Rhythms of Rest

How important is rest after graduation?After graduation, getting a strong start at work is oftentimes our biggest priority. Work is good. But what about getting a strong start to rest? For the next five weeks, we're going to explore ways to start incorporating healthy rhythms of ...  Show more

E121: One Simple Way to Stay Connected - Advocacy

What is advocacy? And how does it keep me connected to my chapter? This week, we continue our One Simple Way to Stay connected sub-series. We’re joined by Chase Read from your Alumni Team as she shares about advocacy, Called to Campus Sunday, and how they can keep you connected t ...  Show more

E120: One Simple Way to Stay Connected - Giving

Missing your chapter? Here’s one simple way to stay connected! Giving. Giving aligns your resources and your heart with something you and God both care deeply about: the work he's doing on campus through your chapter. This week, Ryan and Luke from your Alumni Team join us to chat ...  Show more