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Closing the Books on Graduate School

In the Season 3 Finale of the Accounting Twins Podcast, we get to hear from Norma on how she feels right after finishing all of her finals and projects for graduate school and her overall reflection on this year-long journey. Congrats to Norma on graduating- we cannot wait to see ...  Show more

Passing the Audit Section of the CPA Exam

In this week's episode, Norma reflects on passing her Audit exam (YAY!) and how she is dealing with the last few weeks of school before graduation. Becky updates us on her General Ledger rotation and how much she is enjoying it!Links mentioned in this episodeLink to Jerry Maginni ...  Show more

Book Club Bonus Episode: Advice for a Successful Career in the Accounting Profession (Chapters 13 and 14)

In this week's Book Club Episode, the Twins discuss chapters 13 & 14 of "Advice for a Successful Career in the Accounting Profession: How to Make Your Assets Greatly Exceed Your Liabilities" by Jerry Maginnis! Grab your book, a nice cozy blanket, and read along with them! Links m ...  Show more

Norma's CPA Exam Diary: Audit Section

It's time (again)! Norma recently took the Audit section of the CPA exams and wants you to follow along with her during the last 2 weeks leading up to her exam!Links mentioned in this episodeLink to Jerry Maginnis' book, now featured in the Accounting Twins' Book Club Advice for ...  Show more

Earmark Media Presents: Cloud Accounting Podcast - Broadening Pathways to CPA with MNCPA President Linda Wedul

Join the Cloud Accounting Podcast as they interview Linda Wedul from the MNCPA. They'll dive deep into the pressing issues surrounding the 150-hour rule, the talent shortage facing CPA firms in Minnesota, and how MNCPA is exploring alternative pathways to licensure. Tune in as th ...  Show more