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Memory Jogger 56- Living in the 80s outside the US

In this episode of Memory Jogger, we invite friends from outside the United States to learn about their experiences living through the 1980s and early 1990s.  We discuss common topics such as television to include the DJ Kat Show, canned and ready meals like Fish Balls, drinks, a ...  Show more

Memory Jogger 54- Tribute to Jason Gross

Join Wyatt Bloom as he provides a tribute to our beloved founder, co-host, and fellow nostalgia fan Jason Gross.  This podcast is the audio companion to the youtube video ( wherein we add a few audio clips.  Thank you for being a part o ...  Show more

Retro Con 2023 Wrap Up

Jason and Wyatt wrap up Retro Con 2023 with their experiences from the show this past weekend. You'll hear about their interactions with celebrity guests, meeting friends in the retro community, and of course, all the toys that were seen (and purchased!) For more information abou ...  Show more

Rediscovered - Body Slam

Jason and Wyatt return for another episode of "Rediscovered," a podcast series reviewing obscure TV, moves, and cartoons from the '80s. Episode 12 reviews the 1986 movie Body Slam starring Dirk Benedict, Tanya Roberts, and Roddy Piper. This action comedy follows a down-on-his-luc ...  Show more

Memory Jogger - Looney Tunes

In this episode of Memory Jogger, the randomizer chooses the topic of Looney Tunes! Jason and Wyatt remember their favorite characters and some specific times they watched the animated shorts as kids. We talk about many of the characters, the voice talents of Mel Blanc, specials ...  Show more