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29 Nov 23 – What Do We Know?

Today’s Topics: 1) On Temptation to Leave the Church 2) The Mystical Passion of the Church: Stripping of the Garments 3) GOSPEL1st Sunday of Advent – St. Luke 21.25-33 4) Eucharistic Revival: Four Radical Proposals 

08 Nov 23 – God Can Change What Seems Unchangeable

Today’s Topics: 1) Jesus Heals a Sick Woman and Raises a Dead Girl (Matthew 9:18-26) 2) 14 Questions and Answers About Forgiveness 3) What Every Catholic Needs to Know About Relics 4) Is It Time ...  Show more

01 Nov 23 – Is It Too Late to get Vatican II Right?

Today’s Topics: 1) Matthew 22: 34-46, The Greatest Commandment 2) Is it too late to get Vatican II right? 3) A lesson from the Lone Ranger 4) More keys to effective prayer  http ...  Show more

25 Oct 23 – The Eucharistic Revival’s Elephant in the Room

Today’s Topics: 1) The Eucharistic Revival’s Elephant in the Room 2, 3) Feast of Christ the King (John 18:33-37) 4) Some questions to enliven the Synod 

18 Oct 23 – How to Avoid Distractions at Mass

Today’s Topics: 1) Heaven and Hell 2) Gospel for 21st Sunday after Pentecost (Matt.18.23-35) The Unforgiving Servant 3) How to put on “the Armor of God” (Eph. 6) 4) How to Avoid Distractions at Mass