Freaks & Creeks: a Dawson's Creek Podcast

Freaks & Creeks: a Dawson's Creek Podcast

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S3E04 - Home Movies

We’re climbing into a four-person horse costume ‘cause it’s Season Three Episode Four, “Home Movies.” Listen as the Creek Freaks question the legality of Jen’s football strategy, wonder who edited Dawson’s childhood videotapes, hypothesize the meaning of Pacey’s boat, True Love, ...  Show more

Creekside Screenings 1 - Teaching Mrs. Tingle

Enjoy this FREE peek at our Patreon Exclusive content "Creekside Screenings", and consider subscribing for next month’s episode on Varsity Blues!  This month we're diving into 90s nostalgia with our review of the 1999 film Teaching Mrs. Tingle. Hear the Creek Freaks debate the da ...  Show more

S3E03 - None of the Above

We’re chanting FUG mantras for some reason ‘cause it’s Season Three Episode Three, “None of the Above.” Hear the Creek Freaks groan over this PSAT whodunnit, cheer for Jack’s bizarre football practice, and more! Non-Dawson Recommendations:James - Joyfull Bakery’s Seeded Parmesan ...  Show more

S3E02 - Homecoming

We’re tossin’ the ol’ pig skin around in Season Three Episode Two, “Homecoming.” Hear the Creek Freaks celebrate Jack’s newfound athleticism, cringe over every Eve appearance, lament Andie’ affair, and more! Non-Dawson Recommendations:James - The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. Jame ...  Show more

S3E01 - Like a Virgin

New season, showrunner, intro, and characters in Season Three Episode One, “Like a Virgin.” Hear the Creek Freaks question Eve’s intentions, lament Pacey’s regression, question Jen’s character reset, cringe over Joey’s seduction attempts, and more! Non-Dawson Recommendations:Jame ...  Show more