Freaks & Creeks: a Dawson's Creek Podcast

Freaks & Creeks: a Dawson's Creek Podcast

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S2E17 - Psychic Friends

Pry open your third eyes, y’all! The future isn’t looking great in Season 2 Episode 17, “Psychic Friends.” Join the Creek Freaks in chastising the character segregation at the Capeside Fair, celebrate Dawson finally receiving constructive criticism, worry over Andie’s future well ...  Show more

S2E16 - Be Careful What You Wish For

Smash your faces into cakes, y’all! It’s Dawson’s drunken sweet sixteen in Season 2 Episode 16, “Be Careful What You Wish For.” Hear the Creek Freaks cringe over that blues performance, wonder why Joey’s planning the big shindig, get confused over Abby’s intentions with Jack, say ...  Show more

S2E15 - "... That is the Question"

Join us in waving au revoir to a shitty dad in Season 2 Episode 15, “...That is the Question.” Hear the Creek Freaks celebrate Jack’s reclaiming of his own narrative, cheer as Pacey takes down the big bad, throw up from Dawson describing Joey as extremely sexual, and more! Non-Da ...  Show more

S2E14 - To Be Or Not To Be...

One little homoerotic poem turns Capeside upside down in Season 2 Episode 14, “To Be or Not to Be…” Hang out as the Creek Freaks lament over Jack’s outing, talk shit about Mr. Peterson, get continuously more icked-out by evangelical ding dong Ty(son), question Pacey’s true heroic ...  Show more

Holiday Bonus

James is joined LIVE and in-person by Cody, Stella & Mal for a cozy discussion about holiday cheer. Plus, Cody shares a special message in an emotional speech, and more! Anonymous Recommendations:  Fishing For Fishies (music video) from King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard Iron Lung ...  Show more