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18 Phasma & Innovation in the gaming industry (aka "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY")

Would you wear a mask while working? Or while playing video games? You may need the Phasma mask! A problem known mostly to gamers with small apartments and a girlfriend! But also an issue because of those useless open space offices, where it’s always too loud. This is a conspirac ...  Show more

17 Should we elect an AI for parliament (aka "Computerlars")

Lars is one of us. Would you trust an Artificial Intelligence to make the right political choices? More than you trust our modern politicians? Today we talk to Asker Bryld Staunæs, the founder and acting party secretary of the Danish Synthetic Party - the world's first political ...  Show more

16 OKRs (aka "Objectives and Key Reasons Engineers Start to Hate Their Lives")

Does every company need to introduce OKRs? Obviously not, but most do it anyway. And why are there so many engineers who hate OKRs? It’s getting hot, so tune in and learn about what OKRs are, when not to use them and what the real benefits are. Tarek and Waschi both have very mix ...  Show more

15 Mark Jeffery and the tangled web (aka "let's combine the monkey and the computer")

Web3? Not needed. Let’s combine the monkey and the computer! Today we have an awesome guest - Mark Jeffrey! We met him on the social platform Polywork and that's actually the best way to describe him, as he does so many things.  Up until last year he worked as a mixture between d ...  Show more

14 Mastery, Autonomy and Purpose (aka "DON'T DIE!")

What motivates people? Obviously there is the need to eat and pay your bills. But we often do things where we are not paid, we work longer or volunteer. You don’t find motivation, nor do you get motivation, but you create motivation. But how? Well, today we talk about Master, Aut ...  Show more