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21. EOS – Meetings In Your Business

Meetings are your friend.  In this particular episode, we will talk about the Importance of having Regular Team Meetings. Get your mindset good, clear, and positive about the fact that well-run meetings with a design structure can be extremely profitable and productive when prope ...  Show more

20. Tracking Your Business Metrics – Developing Your Scorecard

Welcome back to another episode of the FLN – Podcast! In this episode, we will dive into the importance of tracking your business metrics. We’re going to discuss how tracking numbers and data can help you identify what is happening in your business so you can provide the necessar ...  Show more

19. Prioritizing Your Business Goals

When you focus on the most important things to get done, you will move the needle in your business and your goals, and your objectives that much further. We discussed all of the duties and responsibilities of the five primary areas in the law business, law practice, and any type ...  Show more

18. Getting Started with EOS – The Five Main Areas of a Law Practice

Understanding the structure of the enterprise and the law firm is really important as we get organized and get a little bit more focused and directed as to what we are going to do.  In this exciting episode, we are going to talk more about the EOS concept. What is the best struct ...  Show more

FLN – Episode 4 of 4 in the FAQ Series – Being a Part of FLN

This is the 4th part of the four-part series in the frequently asked questions that we get here at FLN. So if you have not listened to the other episodes, they are quick and they are very meaningful in terms of the most popular questions that we get. In this episode. In this epis ...  Show more