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The ERC Jumps The Shark with Snoop Dogg Deepfake

Buckle up for a wild ride covering everything from brazen ERC scams to cutting-edge AI. Join Blake and David as they expose the rampant fraud sucking billions from the federal coffers. You'll hear an unbelievable voicemail scam promising gangbusters refunds—could it really be Sno ...  Show more

Headlines: IRS Freezes ERC

The IRS has announced an immediate moratorium on new Employee Retention Tax Credit claims through the end of the year amidst a surge of questionable submissions. Tune in for details on the ERC crackdown, including new criminal probes, longer processing times, and options for with ...  Show more

How Smart Is Intuit's New AI "Intuit Assist" (with Jack Castonguay)

This week we dive into the pipeline shortage and the need for more accounting candidates, and discuss Intuit's groundbreaking use of AI in TurboTax and its potential impact on accounting professionals. Guest Jack Castonguay sheds light on FASB's recent announcement on accounting ...  Show more

Audits Under Fire: Ex-Big Four Partner Responds to Criticisms

Join us for an in-depth conversation with Jerry Maginnis, a retired Big Four audit partner, about the value and criticisms of financial statement audits.Jerry draws on his decades of experience auditing public companies to respond to issues around audit quality, staff work condit ...  Show more

Improving The Image of Accounting

We’ve got an AI-packed episode this week! Ryan Lazanis demonstrates how AI and voice cloning technology can be utilized to streamline the analysis of financial statements. Blake and David examine various applications of AI in accounting, including tools for extracting key informa ...  Show more