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Intuit's Shift to AI Failed on Day One

In light of recent events, Blake and David examine assassination attempts on US presidents, providing historical context. They move on to Intuit's recent layoffs, critiquing the company's communication strategy and exploring potential AI improvements for such announcements, and t ...  Show more

Death, Taxes, and AI

Today, Blake and David explore how artificial intelligence is reshaping accounting, discussing its potential to handle 70% of information-based tasks and impact workflows like data collection, reconciliation, and client services. They criticize the current theoretical approach to ...  Show more

Pig Butchering & Mouse Jiggling

Blake and David explore the intersection of AI, remote work, and accounting technology. They take a look at the phenomenon of "mouse jiggling," examine various AI tools reshaping the accounting industry, and analyze a survey showing widespread adoption of AI in the workplace. The ...  Show more

Outsourcing 101 for Accounting Firms with Kwame Agyei

Kwame Agyei, founder and CEO of Appoynt, joins Blake and David to discuss the benefits of outsourcing specific business functions like accounts receivable management. Kwame shares his unique journey from accountant to entrepreneur and offers practical advice on effectively levera ...  Show more

What CFOs Are Thinking: AI, Talent Crisis, Gen Z, and More

Adam Zaki of joins Blake and David to explore the trends reshaping the industry, from AI to the talent shortage. They dive into the murky waters of corporate financial controls and audit practices. They also examine what makes a truly effective CFO in today's dynamic busi ...  Show more