You Get What You Give

You Get What You Give

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On Dating And Relationships: Confessions Of A Single Mom

Juggling dating while also taking care of raising children can be overwhelming. In this episode, Christina opens up about what dating, or lack of it, has been like for her after divorce and while doing her best as a single parent. She also talks about what prompted this topic—a r ...  Show more

Tuesdays With Tim | Living With Intention And Asking Out The Baseball Coach

It's time for more Tuesdays with Tim! This time, Tim and Christina talk about living with intention and facing your fear of attachment. Tim talks to Christina about her talking to the local baseball coach. Tim shares insights on why he thinks Christina isn't approaching the man, ...  Show more

Saying No More To Having Babies

Making the decision to start a family can be a complicated, yet exciting, process. But choosing to stop having babies can be, too. With various factors surrounding this choice, there is never a one-size-fits-all resolution. Today, Christina shares her reasons for saying no more t ...  Show more

Tuesdays With Tim | A Game Of Would You Rather

In today's episode of You Get What You Give, it's Tuesdays With Tim! Join Christina and Tim as they play a game of “Would You Rather.” Listen in as they ask important questions like would you rather have lobster claws or hedge clippers for hands? Would you rather have Velcro hand ...  Show more

Divorce And The Memories Of A Wedding Anniversary

Christina considers her 11th wedding anniversary as a mark of her winning moment. In her third year of independence, Christina takes us in on a journey of how she managed to get through her day. She walks us through what her morning looked like and how she spent her time enjoying ...  Show more