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747 - Scaling Your Business and Navigating Enterprise Sales, Feras Alhlou

Colin chats with Feras Alhlou, co-founder of Startup with Ferris, about scaling businesses and preparing for larger contracts. Ferris shares insights on learning from competitors, building a strong business, and the importance of passion, skills, and sacrifice in entrepreneurship ...  Show more

746 - Building a Culture for a Globally Distributed Sales Team, with Chris Parker

Colin chats with Chris Parker about building a thriving culture in a fully distributed team and scaling globally. Chris shares insights on hiring the right people, promoting internal talent, and strategically expanding into new markets. They discuss the importance of customer-cen ...  Show more

745 - Navigating Leadership Challenges and Embracing Management Training, with Kate O'Neil

Collin welcomes Kate O'Neil once again, CEO of Teeming, to discuss the challenges of leadership. They talk about the importance of effective communication and adapting to change in a leadership role. Kate shares her experiences of being promoted to a higher position and the mista ...  Show more

744 - Maximizing Sales Efficiency: The Art of Disqualifying Deals, with Jeff Torbeck

Collin and guest Jeff Torbeck discuss the importance of qualifying leads in sales. They highlight the significance of spending time on high-potential accounts and efficiently disqualifying deals that are not a good fit. The conversation emphasizes the value of feedback from lost ...  Show more

743 - Measuring the Buyer-Seller Experience, with Carl Cox

Collin Mitchell and guest Carl J. Cox delve into the importance of measuring and improving the buyer-seller experience in sales. They discuss the significance of data, self-reflection, and customer feedback in enhancing sales performance. The conversation highlights the impact of ...  Show more