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Latin Classical Evangelism w/ Kristhyan Benitez

In this podcast episode, we are joined by the talented Kristhyan Benitez, a Venezuelan classical pianist and 2021 Latin Grammy winner for Best Classical Album. He discusses his musical journey that started at age four when he chose the piano over the guitar and fell in love with ...  Show more

Astral Journeys w/ Noah Frere

In this podcast episode, we're introduced to Noah Frere, a unique individual who is at once a piano technician, astrophysicist and astrologer. He began his journey in piano tech at the Randy Potter School of Piano Technology in 2006 and has worked with pianos across New York befo ...  Show more

How to Evaluate a Piano w/Eathan Janney

In this podcast episode, PTRH host Eathan Janney discusses various aspects of piano evaluations and appraisals, with a focus on templates and procedures. We emphasize the importance of precision and professional training when providing formal assessments but also touch on how inf ...  Show more

Learning Precision in Piano Tuning w/Mark Cerisano

In this podcast episode, we are joined by Mark Cerisano, a seasoned piano tuner and educator who’s making significant contributions to the field of piano technology. He is known for creating the Go Ape System for accurate and efficient piano tuning and has shared his expertise gl ...  Show more

Nuanced Approaches to Piano Restoration w/Chris Brown

In this podcast episode, we explore the captivating world of piano restoration with a focus on Chris Brown’s recent project involving an 1889 Steinway D. This historic piano underwent significant transformations including new soundboards and modernized parts while retaining its l ...  Show more