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Action Parts and Restoration w/ Wayne Ferguson & Chip Mayer

In today’s session two exceptional guests, Wayne Ferguson and Cip Mayer join us, who have each been in business for over 40 years. They share their journeys, anecdotes, and insights about restoration. Wayne talks about his actions to keep himself out of trouble within the restora ...  Show more

The Importance of Saying No w/ Bill Monroe

The owner of A440 Pino Services, and a second-time guest at the PTRH, Bill Manore joins us today and gives us a tour of his shop and talks about his business. He is a one-man show and tells us how he manages the different tasks of the business. “Just say yes and figure it out lat ...  Show more

Replacing & Building Sound Boards and Bridge Gapping w/ Ken Eschete

Ken Eschete, is a piano technician who has worked with the conservation of historic pianos and teaches an online course on replacing and building sound boards and bridge gapping. He has discovered some big things from some little tiny things and he joins us at the Radio Hour to s ...  Show more

Steinway Pianos and Rebuilding w/ Alex Kostakis

On today’s episode, we have Alex Kostakis join us whose family has been involved in Steinway for many years, and later they started their own rebuilding practice. Alex shares his journey of working on Steinway pianos, the details of the pianos, and the relationship with customers ...  Show more

Soundboards & Rebuilding w/ Nick Gravagne

Nick Gravagne, who joined us for the PTM 2020 convention is back on Radio Hour to share some of his insights on building sound boards. Nick has made over 470 soundboards on Steinway and he shares his journey of building a pulse to tell soundboards apart.  “The more mass there is ...  Show more