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#87 Respecting Women vs Being the “Nice Guy” (How to Create Polarity if You’re a Genuinely Nice Guy)

In this episode, we are breaking down the archetypes of masculine energy in the dating space and offering a new perspective to the “nice guy” who will set him up as a man with choice.  Want to work with Bri and/or Courtney? Visit ⁠⁠ Excitin ...  Show more

#86 The Allure of the Wounded Feminine and What You Can Expect While You’re Dating

The Wounded Feminine energy can be alluring based on how we were taught to see femininity. “She” can be pleasant, demure, and agreeable annnndd she can have a hard time expressing her emotions in a healthy way that can feel like drama. Shifting this paradigm requires some emotion ...  Show more

#85 The Allure of Wounded Masculine and How to Actually Create Chemistry in Dating

An empowered feminine woman will not be attracted to wounded masculine energy. Today’s episode is based on feedback from our previous discussions on dating in the feminist era. We discuss how embodying king and provider energies can cultivate authentic relationship growth, ensuri ...  Show more

#84 Dating in the Feminist Era (What You Stand to Gain by Co-creating a New Way Forward)

This episode is written with men in mind.  The dating landscape has changed. We can all feel the shift and yet it’s our intention with this episode to move the conversation forward collaboratively by offering some perspectives that the Masculine and Feminine both benefit from.  T ...  Show more

#83 For the Love of Men: The Things that made us fall in love with the masculine

The way we saw and experienced men shifted when we started seeing and appreciating the differences that exist between us. Join us in celebrating a few of the things we love most about men!  Key takeaways about men include: - They remember small details about what makes women happ ...  Show more