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Ep 163: Keys to Eliminating Revisions: Show The Finished Product

Getting clients to approve creative work on the spot isn’t just a time saver. It’s how it should be if you’re doing your job well.  If you are putting in the strategic and creative thinking behind your work, there’s no reason why you should go back and forth with a client. This m ...  Show more

Ep 162: Keys to Eliminating Revisions: Flush Out All Ideas From The Beginning

No doubt, being able to limit all client projects to two rounds of revisions would already be a huge relief.  But what if you could get rid of the revisions process entirely? That’s what I’m talking about this month: how to eliminate revisions so that you can shrink your timeline ...  Show more

Ep 161: Keys to Eliminating Revisions: Present All Your Work Live

One of the core tenets of the No BS Model is delivering projects in an intensive model. If you’ve worked the traditional way, you’re used to doing an entire brand and website over the course of three months, six months, sometimes over a year and the No BS Model gets that timeline ...  Show more

Ep 160: Terri Trespicio Challenges and Drops Truth Bombs About Following Your Passion

How many times have we heard that we need to find and follow our passion? What if that wasn’t true? Today, I’m talking with Terri Trespicio about why you shouldn’t chase after having a passion, the question you need to ask yourself instead, and making intentional choices so you c ...  Show more

Ep 159: Iron Mike Steadman on Never Giving Free Proposals (And Getting Ghosted) Ever Again, Setting His Business North Star, and Taking Action

Turning education into action can be a struggle for entrepreneurs. Not so for today’s guest. When I first met Mike Steadman, I knew he was a doer. Which is why I wanted to have him on the show today to talk about how he’s implemented the No BS Model and how it’s impacted his busi ...  Show more