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Solving Ethereum Rollup Fragmentation with Austin King of Omni Labs

Join us on this episode as we dive into the future of Ethereum Layer 2 solutions with the CEO of Omni! Omni is revolutionizing the way developers build across different Ethereum Layer 2 solutions by providing a robust messaging layer and compute layer. By solving the fragmentatio ...  Show more

Programmatic Monetary Policy for Protocols with Max Einhorn of Valence

Valence enables programmatic economic relationships between protocols. This allows crypto-native institutions (e.g., appchains & DAOs) to engage in complex financial interactions.Valence is live today with two sub-protocols in private beta: The Rebalancer lets protocols set desir ...  Show more

Bitcoin is Making a Comeback with Matt Ye of Lorenzo

Lorenzo is a Cosmos chain that leverages BTC shared security and enables liquid staking. In this conversation, Seb and Matt discuss the resurgence of interest in Bitcoin, particularly in the context of DeFi. They also explore the concept of liquid staking for Bitcoin and how it d ...  Show more

Rebooting the Metaverse with Lex Avellino of Passage

Passage improves virtual experiences and collaboration, making them more organic and immersive and better reflecting the way we interact in real life. For creators, Passage is a platform that enables nearly unlimited creative freedom thanks to its use of the Unreal Engine. This a ...  Show more

The Interchain Application Layer with Adair Kelley of Abstract

Abstract is an Interchain app platform enabling developers to build across CosmWasm-supported chains. Apps built with Abstract get automatic integrations with Interchain DEXes, lending markets, oracles, and liquid staking protocols.The core infrastructure is the Abstract Account, ...  Show more