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EP75: Modern Significance of the Seth Material

Today's guest is Saelyx Finna, a very talented producer and writer, who maps the emerging industry of dream tech by presenting her research and developing the first film about dream neurotechnologies.  The conversation dives into The Seth Material, a body of work channeled b ...  Show more

EP74: The Intersection of Art, Spirituality, and Lucid Dreaming

Josh Green is a painter, art educator, and host of the Painter's Dialectic podcast. Painting is his way of exploring the world and dream space to express himself as a human. He has an MFA from Alfred Dusseldorf University and runs the Green Atelier Online Painting School. Th ...  Show more

Ep73: Dream Telepathy & Shared Dreaming

Angel Kwan-Yin Morgan, founder of Dreambridge, specializes in dreams, creativity, and the connection between the two. She has worked with adults, children, teens, and parents as a Dream-Arts educator since 1995 and received her Ph.D. in Psychology. Aa an experienced lucid dreamer ...  Show more

EP72: Lucid Dream Research Lab in Bern, Switzerland

Emma Peters is a PhD student at Universität Bern, Switzerland. She is working on the development of a reliable and effective lucid dreaming induction strategy using different types of bodily stimulation together with traditional lucid dreaming strategies. Before working at the Un ...  Show more

EP71: The Ether of Dreams & Perception

Krys Ra El Is a Spiritual Specialist & Cosmic Guide.  As a Guide of Ether Physics, Krys serves humanity through bridging the seen and unseen realms. Offering clarity on misunderstood yet fascinating topics like,Gravity, The Ether, Teleportation, Time etc. We cover topics such as ...  Show more