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Intuition and The Brain featuring Chris Niebauer

Intuition is our spiritual GPS…our direct line to the soul. But how does intuition connect with our physical being? And what is the relationship between intuition and the human brain? In this episode, neuropsychologist turned spiritual guru Chris Niebauer joins us again to explor ...  Show more

Tuning Into the Felt Sense featuring Lynda Samphire

There are many ways our intuition may speak to us, and no two people are alike in how they tune into their inner wisdom! Lynda Samphire joins me in this episode to explore the ways in which we can experience our intuition beyond words or concepts by tuning into the felt sense. We ...  Show more

Your True Colors Are Beautiful!

This episode is inspired by a post I saw online that said, “you know someone’s true character by how they respond when they don’t get what they want.” It got me thinking about how we often assume that our true character is bad, and when we show that side, we’re showing who we rea ...  Show more

Exploring the Akashic Records featuring Melanie Horton

In this episode, Melanie Horton joins us to discuss the Akashic Records, astrology, and how they beautifully intertwine when tuning into the energy of one’s soul. The Akashic Records are considered to be a metaphysical library that consists of the past, present and future possibi ...  Show more

The Universe is Always Listening

This episode is all about the Law of Attraction, and the signs we receive all the time that confirm the universe is responding to our desires. Since we are powerful creators and everything is energy, we are attracting and creating everything in our world based on the energy we’re ...  Show more