Earth Magic by Honeybee (formally Sustainable Passion)

Earth Magic by Honeybee (formally Sustainable...

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Episode 9 - New Energy

In this episode, we discuss how to approach activism from a place of pleasure rather than fear, mourning endings to make way for new beginnings, and share some personal updates around our small business and our new intentions. ~ Earth Magic is a community for open, conscious conv ...  Show more

Episode 8 - Spiritual Egos, Accessibility, and Addressing the Wellness Community

Alisa Hartley and I got together on an Instagram Live to talk about spiritual egos, accessibility, being aware of who you put on a pedestal, trusting your intuition when it comes to where you put your energy and creating healthier marketing within the wellness community ✨⚡ You ca ...  Show more

Episode 7 - 'The Space' Alisa Hartley x Sustainable Passion

On this episode, I met with Alisa Hartley on her weekly Instagram Live called “The Space”. We discussed Celtic Tree Astrology and Lunar cycles, Tarot, Astrology, learning from the energy and physical patterns of the Earth and nature, working with your inner child, the importance ...  Show more

Episode 6 - Diving Deep & The Importance of Making Shitty Art with Sustainable Passion x Alisa Hartley

On this episode I met with Alisa Hartley to talk on various topics including asking the big questions in life, discernment, considering ethics in morality within belief systems, 2021 energy within the Tarot, the importance of ‘creating shitty art’, magic mushrooms, and how they t ...  Show more

Episode 5 - Conscious Consumerism with Sustainable Passion x Unfold Co.

On this Episode, Mel owner of Sustainable Passion participated in a conversation about conscious consumerism with Brooke from Unfold Co. We speak about slow practices and how they can make us feel more fulfilled, the importance of being connected to what you buy and consume from ...  Show more