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The Major Benefits of Starting Your Own Brokerage

Description: Glenn Groves and Evan Wade are brokerage owners who aren’t done building their empires… As industry leaders in technology, marketing, and growth strategies, it feels like they’re just getting started! Tune in as The Co/LAB hosts, Megan Marsh and Andres Munar, speak w ...  Show more

Navigating the Transition From Employee to Broker

Description:Making the switch to entrepreneurship was a bold move for Staci Stanley. Once she saw an opportunity to leave her corporate job, she got her execution strategy ready, handed in her company laptop, and started her own LLC. Now, she’s using her 20+ years of mortgage len ...  Show more

Take Your Service Sales to New Levels with Ryann Dowdy

Description:Selling a service is about more than just offering something that people need. It’s about building trust and confidence with potential customers. It’s about assuring them that you and your team are the best at what you do and the right people to purchase services from ...  Show more

Lance Graulich Explains How to Pursue a Franchise

Description:Many small businesses are borne out of their founders’ skills, but franchising is a business model that allows people with passion and drive to pursue starting a business of their own without having to define every aspect. But, how to pursue a franchise? The CoLab hos ...  Show more

Tackling The Taboo Of How To Pay Yourself

Description: The dream of owning your own business is often accompanied by thoughts of turning all that hard work into a big payoff. But many small business owners ask how to pay yourself? In reality, that paycheck may not be as big as you expect. In fact, many small business own ...  Show more