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(Heart to Heart) How to know if you should push through or pivot

This heart to heart is SO timely for not only me but a few of my clients as well who are dealing with A LOT in their business and personal life.  I made a really big decision a little over a week ago to pause my mastermind until after the babies are born, which meant needing to r ...  Show more

(AWKWARD TIME INTERVIEW) Content Plan vs Content Strategy with Amanda Warfield

Today’s interview is jam packed with inspiration if you’re in the THICK of it (and quite ready to give up on your business) AND strategy (one that’s INSANELY simple to implement, like right away).   Amanda Warfield, our amazing guest, is a simplicity-focused content marketing and ...  Show more

(HEART TO HEART): Finding the joy in the little rituals; biz & twin pregnancy update

This week’s heart to heart involves a few updates: offer revamp timeline and pregnancy (almost at 24 weeks!) as well as a reflection on a POWERFUL quote I read this past week from James Clear. I read the quote right off the bat, but here’s a little sneak peek to wet your whistle: ...  Show more

(AWKWARD TIME INTERVIEW): Signature Goal Setting Framework & Making Your Mess Your Message with Allison Walsh

You are in for a TREAT my #PrettyAwkward friend because Allison Walsh is an absolute POWER HOUSE and giving us SO MUCH GOLD in this awkward time interview.   Allison is the founder of Allison Walsh Consulting and creator of the She Believed She Could brand, with almost 100K follo ...  Show more

(HEART TO HEART) Putting Your Trust In Something Bigger Than You

When life is changing in SO many different ways, it’s easy to feel unsettled, and man can it wreak havoc on your nervous system.   It’s really hard to TRUST that everything is going to work out as it should, especially when you’re a classic control freak (hi, me!) and everything ...  Show more