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The Changing Role of the CISO with Ryan Davis, Chief Information Security Officer at NS1

In this episode Ryan Davis, Chief Information Security Officer at NS1, speaks with host Tom Eston about the changing role of the CISO, acquisitions, what the biggest challenges are, and Ryan’s advice for those considering a career as a CISO. This is one episode you don’t want to ...  Show more

The FBI’s Qakbot Takedown, QR Code Phishing Attacks, Dox Anyone in America for $15

In this episode we discuss the FBI’s remarkable takedown of the Qakbot botnet, a saga involving ransomware, cryptocurrency, and the FBI pushing an uninstaller to thousands of victim PCs. Next, we explore how a major U.S. energy organization fell victim to a QR code phishing attac ...  Show more

SaaS Attacks: Compromising an Organization without Touching the Network

In this episode Luke Jennings VP of Research & Development from Push Security joins us to discuss SaaS attacks and how its possible to compromise an organization without touching a single endpoint or network. Luke talks about his recent SaaS attack research, why SaaS based attack ...  Show more

Back to School Cybersecurity, Phishing Pitfalls and Strategies, X’s (Twitter) Blocking Overhaul

In this episode, we discuss essential cybersecurity tips for students and educational institutions as they gear up for the school season. From software updates to strong passwords and cybersecurity education, we explore how students and schools can fortify their digital defenses. ...  Show more

Business Email Compromise Scams Revisited

In this best of episode from December 2021, we revisit Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams. What are they, how to identify them, and why BEC scams have resulted in well over $3 billion in losses since 2016, more than any other type of fraud in the U.S. We also share our tips on ...  Show more