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Microsoft’s Copilot+ Recall Feature, Slack’s AI Training Controversy

Episode 331 of the Shared Security Podcast discusses privacy and security concerns related to two major technological developments: the introduction of Windows PC’s new feature ‘Recall,’ part of Microsoft’s Copilot+, which captures desktop screenshots for AI-powered search tools, ...  Show more

New Tracker Warning Features on iPhones & Androids, 2024 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report

In episode 330 Tom, Scott, and Kevin discuss the new features for iPhones and Android phones designed to warn users about secret trackers, possibly aiding in identifying stalkers. The hosts discuss Apple and Google’s collaboration on a technology called DOLT (Detecting Unwanted L ...  Show more

Live at RSA: AI Hype, Enhanced Security, and the Future of Cybersecurity Tools

In this first-ever in-person recording of Shared Security, Tom and Kevin, along with special guest Matt Johansen from Reddit, discuss their experience at the RSA conference in San Francisco, including their walk-through of ‘enhanced security’ and the humorous misunderstanding tha ...  Show more

FCC Fines Wireless Carriers $200 million, Google’s Fight Against Malicious Apps

In episode 328, Tom and Kevin discuss two major cybersecurity and privacy news stories. The first topic covers the FCC issuing fines to major US wireless carriers for sharing users’ real-time location data, totaling nearly $200 million. They express surprise and skepticism over t ...  Show more

Privacy Challenges in Relationships, Phishing Down but Vulnerabilities Up?

In episode 327 Tom, Scott, and Kevin discuss the findings from Mandiant’s M-Trends 2024 report, highlighting a significant rise in traditional vulnerability exploitation by attackers while observing a decline in phishing. Despite phishing’s decreased prevalence, it remains the se ...  Show more