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🤖 Beer, Boos & Boogeymen | Ep 3 | Spooky Ai & Haunted Electronics 🤖

Hey there, shadow seekers and tech enthusiasts – your B3 crew is here with another mind-bending episode. Get ready for Episode 3: Spooky Ai & Haunted Electronics, where we toggle the thin line between the uncanny and the unexplained! Special guest Interscare amps up the anxiety a ...  Show more

92 | Betty Hill's Hypnosis Tape Remastered

This week we're breathing new life into one of the most critical cases is UFO history. The abduction of Betty and Barney Hill! But this isn't just a replay, not at all. Gil has spent hours painstakingly cleaning up and restoring the original recording of Betty Hill's ...  Show more

91 | The Grey Man: A Listener's Encounter With What May Be the Pale Crawler

This week we sit down for an interview with one of our listeners, Ross, who had one of the most unique paranormal experiences we've ever heard of. Is this a reverse possession? To say that this is original is an understatement. If you know anything that might help us track do ...  Show more

90 | Pt 3 | Frank Oldfield Takes Down The Society of the Banana

This week we conclude our series on the infamous Black Hand Society (aka: the Society of the Banana). From fate to the fall, we follow our heros Frank Oldfield and The Raven, as they setup and knock down the early kingpins of the American Mafia. Source: Inspector Oldfield and the ...  Show more

89 | Pt 2 | The Black Hand Society: Aka The Society of the Banana

In part 2, Joey takes us deeper into the underbelly of what will become the origins of the early American Mafia. Spoiler.... It's worth the listen. :) Sources: Inspector Oldfield and the Black Hand Society: America's Original Gangsters and the U.S. Postal Detective Who Br ...  Show more