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64 | When UFOs Kill: The Melting Man of Brazil - João Preste’s Death in a High Strangeness Disneyland

This week, Joey and Gil take a trip to the High Strangeness Disneyland of Brazil, Araçariguama, to shed light on the mysterious events surrounding João Preste's horrific demise. Was it just an unfortunate accident or something far more sinister?  Join us as we explore the per ...  Show more

63 | El Silbón: Haunting Whistles & Bone-filled Sacks - Uncovering the Chilling Legend of El Silbón

This week, we delve into the unsettling lore surrounding the infamous entity known as El Silbón (The Whistler). A supernatural being terrorizing the people of Venezuela and Columbia. A maybe evil, maybe savior known for his emaciated figure, red eyes, eerie whistling, and sheer v ...  Show more

62 | Don’t Sleep! Vol 1: Active Serial Killers and their Dumping Grounds

While we love our deepdives here on BCR, every now and then we need to take a little break. Need to step back and just scratch the surface of our curiosity. Need to release an episode for our loyal rabid listeners even though we had a rough week at work and our hot water heater b ...  Show more

61 | The Darwin UFO Flap: 15 Years of USOs, UFOs & Orbs

We are so excited to provide to you an exclusive this week. The Darwin UFO flap, which has been hidden behind a wall of obscurity and documents for over ten years. Enough chat, lets dig in!!! Link to the Documents: ...  Show more

60 | Australian UFO Declassified Documents Highlights

Today We delve into the Australian Declassified UFO Documents that have not been covered, but we will provide some highlights today, as we further delve deeper into them for a future show! Check out the 3 highlights from Northern Territories, Australia. SUBSCRIBE! Don’t forget to ...  Show more