Future Forward: An Unusual Tech Dialogue

Future Forward: An Unusual Tech Dialogue

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Building Bridges to the Future: London’s sustainable Tech Innovation

Explore London's journey to a sustainable future in the final episode of our second season. Delve into the city's green spaces, energy-efficient housing, and technological advancements driving transformation. Learn from Juliet Davenport, a prominent figure in the sustainable ener ...  Show more

Creating a Start-Up Paradise: The Abu Dhabi Story

In this episode of Future Forward, we’re staying in Abu Dhabi, a leading city in sustainability and innovation. Dive into the thriving tech scene and discover how Abu Dhabi's ecosystem nurtures startups and drives technological advancements. Our guest, Ahmed Ali Alwan, Deputy CEO ...  Show more

Harnessing digital twins: Singapore's journey towards sustainable innovation

Singapore has become one of the world's strongest economies and is the number one smart city in Asia, but do you know the work that’s been done to get it there? In this latest episode we learn about Singapore’s commitment to green spaces, developing affordable housing for all and ...  Show more

Investing in Innovation: A Look at Jerusalem's Tech Growth

Were you aware that Jerusalem is one of the world’s leading tech cities? Setting the scene for global development and discovery in the food production and medical space, learn all about the incredible work being done to change the way we look at the world and use it’s resources f ...  Show more

Explore Stockholm, the first European Green Capital

Did you know Stockholm has developed technology that can both spot and eliminate pipe leaks and air pollution? Or that they use broadband wires to heat classrooms and schools? Join us for season two, episode two of Future Forward, where we'll chat with the former Mayor of Stockho ...  Show more