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A Few Bad Men

This week I talk with Fred Galvin (Ret. Maj., USMC) about the upcoming (June 7th) release of his book: A Few Bad Men. Quote from Journalist, Andrew DeGrandpre's 5 part series on Galvin's mission to restore the honor of his team after being falsely accused & tried for war crimes: ...  Show more

100% Success Without College

Almost from birth, our children have been force-fed the vile ideology that there is only one clear pathway to future success—COLLEGE! Well, we have completely debunked this work of nefarious fiction in our gripping best seller: 100% Success Without College.  So who is going to he ...  Show more

Rules For Defeating Radicals with Christopher Adamo

An in-depth conversation with author & commentator, Christopher Adamo about his book, Rules for Defeating Radicals: Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture.  About the book: Americans who hold to our nation's founding principles are increasingly under assault from ...  Show more

Andrew Allen Smith

Andrew Allen Smith is a West Michigan Author with a passion for life. As an author he has explored multiple genre’s and feels at home with each of them. His first book was a book of poetry which has recently become more popular while his “Masterson Files” series has achieved a po ...  Show more

Aunt Sadie's Letters of Hope & Healing

About Shari's book, Aunt Sadie's Letters of Hope & Healing In 1941, Sadie Kleinberg's ten-year-old niece, Rhoda was quarantined in the children's polio ward at St. Giles Hospital in Brooklyn, NY. Rhoda was immobilized and bedridden. Visiting hours were restricted to two days a we ...  Show more