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The Next Chapter | The New Normal EP 55

ITS THE FINAL COUNTDOWN...... Jesse and Austin talk about what it has been like growing The Incubator and The New Normal, how far they've come, how far this community has come, and what the next chapter is and how that will impact The Incubator. THE LAST NEW NORMAL (for now :) ), ...  Show more

How to learn Programming | The New Normal EP 54

In this New Normal Episode Jesse and Austin discuss the paths to learning programming.  What are some of the quickest ways to learn programming like Python, Java script, or programming on Ethereum with Solidity.  MacNCheeasy and Jesse Friedland break down this crypto topic so any ...  Show more

The Importance of Growing on Social Media in Web 3 | The New Normal EP 53

In this New Normal Episode Jesse and Austin discuss how to utilize social media and its importance to having a career in Web3. Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube are all tools to grow in web3 and become noticed for a potential web3 career. MacNCheeasy and Jesse Friedland bre ...  Show more

Inside the Urban Outfitters X Cryptoon Goonz NFT NYC Launch | The New Normal EP 52

Major launches take a ton of marketing and planning. So what went into the Cryptoon Goonz partnership and launch at urban outfitters? This is a must listen if you're trying to build in the crypto industry and handle marketing MacNCheeasy, and Jesse Friedland break down this crypt ...  Show more

What to do during the Bear Market? | The New Normal Ep. 51

THIS WAS FILMED ON 5/31 BEFORE MAJOR MARKET CRASH.  This shows the power of the messages we talk about in this video. MUST WATCH. People make money during the bull market. People get rich in the bear. This is a classic saying in crypto and Jesse and Austin break down their experi ...  Show more