The Fit Mess: A Men's Mental Health Podcast

The Fit Mess: A Men's Mental Health Podcast

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How To Listen To Your Body Instead Of Diet Rules

In this episode, Jeremy and Zach discuss the challenges of navigating conflicting information and beliefs, particularly in the areas of personal choices such as diet and lifestyle. They explore the idea of finding balance and being open-minded to different perspectives. The conve ...  Show more

How to Face Your Fears with Nick Bracks

Nick Bracks, son of a well-known politician, opens up about his struggles with mental health and the pressure of living in the shadow of his father's success. He shares how his shyness and underlying mental health conditions were brought to the surface after a car crash that near ...  Show more

Why Sometimes You Need To Just Say Fuck It

Ever feel like the pressure to constantly improve is suffocating? This podcast episode explores letting go and giving yourself a well-deserved break. We're all guilty of pushing ourselves too hard, causing burnout and stagnation. This episode resonates with anyone needing permiss ...  Show more

How To Feel The Effects Of Grounding While You Sleep

What if you could sleep better, feel less chronic pain and reduce stress just by changing your sheets? Many modern ailments, including chronic inflammation, poor sleep, and persistent pain, could potentially be alleviated by reconnecting with the Earth's natural electrical charge ...  Show more

What You Can Learn From Your Fitness Failures And How To Overcome Them

Have you ever pushed yourself too hard at the gym, only to end up injured and derailing your progress? This episode explores the importance of finding balance between challenging yourself and respecting your body's limits. It offers valuable insights for anyone striving to make p ...  Show more