The Fit Mess: A Men's Mental Health Podcast

The Fit Mess: A Men's Mental Health Podcast

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217. How to Stop Emotional Eating in the Moment

In this episode, Jeremy and Zach have a candid chat about their struggles with emotional eating and stress cravings. We've all been there - feeling overwhelmed and finding ourselves snacking impulsively. The hosts share their own experiences and missteps openly, like eating handf ...  Show more

216. How to Rewire Your Brain to Defeat Depression, with Kelsey Aida and Lynnsey Robinson

In this episode, Kelsey Aida and Lindsay Robinson share their personal struggles and professional insights on defeating depression through mindfulness, gratitude, and other simple self-care habits. They explain how their podcast “High Vibing It” has helped them find their voices ...  Show more

215. How You Can Build True Mental, Physical and Emotional Toughness for Success and Fulfillment, with Greg Everett

In this episode we talk with Greg Everett. He's a champion weightlifting coach, movie maker, and wrote the book "Tough." We talk about what being truly tough means, and why it's important. Greg shares practical tips and advice to help build confidence and disciplined habits to re ...  Show more

How To Find Emotional Healing through Bodywork, Vulnerability, and Core Energetics, with Kellie Newton

On this episode of The Fit Mess podcast, we chat with Core Energetics Practitioner, Kelly Newton about using vulnerability for personal growth and healing. Kelly shares how Core Energetics and group therapy help people release emotional pain by fully revealing themselves. We disc ...  Show more

How to Find Light During Your Darkest Moments with Depression

This raw, honest episode explores dealing with dark times and mental health struggles like depression and anxiety. Jeremy and Zach share personal experiences about their own painful experiences with mental health challenges and tips for coping when you feel overwhelmed or hit roc ...  Show more