Multiply Your Success with Tom DuFore

Multiply Your Success with Tom DuFore

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121. 3 Strategy Sprints to Increase Revenue Immediately—Simon Serevino, Founder, Strategy Sprints

Have you been thinking about ways to increase revenue? Are you trying to navigate the current inflation and sorting out if and when you should raise your prices? If this sounds like you then this podcast episode is for you.Our guest today is Simon Severino, who shares with us thr ...  Show more

120. Equipping and Inspiring Your Staff to Leave—Nelson Davis, Founder & Partner, Analytic Vizion

Have you ever thought about creating an exit plan for your employees? Essentially, setting them up to leave before they even start at your company? If you have, do you have a clear plan?Our guest, Nelson Davis, is equipping and inspiring his team of professionals to make an exit ...  Show more

119. How to Leave the Legacy You Want—Russ Clemmer, President, Legacy Advisory Partners

Have you thought about transitioning out of your business and passing your company down to the next generation? The next generation might be your daughter or your son or it might be the great young leaders at your company. Our guest today, is Russ Clemmer, a legacy planning exper ...  Show more

118. Improving Brand Performance With Brand Tracking—Angeley Mullins, CMO & CGO, Latana

Have you ever wondered what the actual impression and awareness of your brand are in a market? Or maybe how to compare one region’s brand performance to another? If you have, then this episode is for you.Our guest today, is Angeley Mullins and she is the CMO & CGO at Latana, an A ...  Show more

117. How To Be the First, the Best, or the Only and Why It Matters—Isabelle Mercier, CEO and Co-Founder, LeapZone

Have you positioned your company or one of your products/services as the first, the best, or the only? Do you know what benefits wait for you if you do?  Our guest today is Isabelle Mercier who is the co-founder and CEO of LeapZone Strategies and one of the most inspirational bra ...  Show more