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Spiritual Tip #9: Growing with Those Around You

Send us a Text Message.In this conversation, Teresa and Tom discusses the aspect of growing with those around you. They share their personal experiences of trying to save and mold people around them, and how they eventually learned to accept that everyone is on their own spiritua ...  Show more

Thoughts and Experiences on Transition (aka Death) of Loved Ones

Send us a Text Message.In this conversation, Teresa and Tom discuss death and their spiritual perspective on transitioning into the afterlife. They share personal experiences and insights on how death is just a transition and that as souls, we are intelligent energy that continue ...  Show more

Spiritual Tip #8: Childlike vs Childish

Send us a Text Message.The conversation explores the concepts of being childlike and childish in a spiritual sense, emphasizing the importance of curiosity, enthusiasm, and joy. It delves into personal experiences and reflections on embracing the childlike essence and differentia ...  Show more

Burnout & Waking Up with Louise Lewis

Send us a Text Message.Following a period of burnout in 2018, Louise made a promise to herself that she would do whatever it took to never feel that bad again. She left a successful career in law in order to pursue a coaching career but ended up on a completely different journey ...  Show more

Spiritual Tip #7 Crystal Clear Motives

Send us a Text Message.In this conversation, the hosts discuss the importance of understanding one's motives, particularly in the context of spiritual exploration. They emphasize the significance of clear and crystal clear motives and how they impact personal fulfillment and ...  Show more