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Ep 560 YMC: Unclear Expectations Derail You Ever Time

Missed deadlines, stress, frustrations, repeating meeting topics - many of these are happening due to unclear expectations - assumptions that messaging is clear and everyone is on the same page. Today's 560th episode - I dive into this. As always, open to your thoughts, best ...  Show more

Ep 559 YMC: Workplace Culture and Succession Planning Intertwined Forces

Today's 559th episode of #YourMorningCommute I recap a recent conversation I had with an employee and a HR colleague as we continue our discussion on navigating today's corporate landscape. We're dove deep into two crucial aspects of any organization: workplace cultur ...  Show more

Ep 558 YMC: 10 Hurdles in workplace culture cultivation

One of the biggest hurdles that leaders face when cultivating workplace culture is the challenge of aligning their intentions and efforts with the actual behaviors and attitudes of their employees. This hurdle involves bridging the gap between the desired culture that leaders env ...  Show more

Ep 557 YMC: 5 Ways to Easily Define Your Values - Your Culture

I am all about keeping things simple AND involving the entire team in every aspect of defining your company values and therefore your overall culture. There is nothing and I mean nothing more powerful than hearing employees at ALL levels not only define what each core value means ...  Show more

Ep 556 YMC: 6 reasons why you should become a Culture Curator

Wrapping up our 3-part series with Six Reasons You Should Become a Certified Professional Culture Curator. 6 reasons for you personally + 6 reasons why your company needs you to become a CPCC Enhanced culture impact Knowledge and expertise Credibility and recognition Expanded car ...  Show more