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Episode 147: The Better The Tool, The More It Will Be Used

Co-founder and CEO of Bushel Jake Joraanstad shares what is table stakes in ag software. The past two years have seen accelerated onboarding for the team at Bushel, which now connects more than 2,600 grain locations to farmers. Joraanstad says when the business was launched, the ...  Show more

Episode 146: How One Ag Retailer Found Success with H2-A Workers

As ag retailers report a tightening labor pool, many are seeking new outlets to find team members. In 2023, The Equity brought on 20 seasonal H2-A workers. They’ve found such success that they are more than doubling that in 2024. Learn more from Human Resources Manager Robin Brow ...  Show more

Episode 145: Certainty Is The Biggest Commodity In Ag

Richard Gupton and Hunter Carpenter from the Ag Retailers Association share news from capitol hill including what the new speaker of the house means for the legislative pipeline. They also give their outlook for the Farm Bill extension. And the policy team shares what ag retailer ...  Show more

Episode 144: Co-Op Launches Recruitment Tool To Tap Talent In A New Way

Lindsey Sankey, a marketing specialist at Co-Alliance, explains a new program, SEED (Securing Experience and Employee Development). This will bring on two high school graduates who were enrolled in FFA to come work for the co-op for two years with a multi-division rotation throug ...  Show more

Episode 143: Fundamentals of Technology and Keys to Implementation

Dave Swain draws on his experience from application equipment, ag retail and technology roles with his consulting business: Vision Technology Management. On the podcast, he shares where the gaps are in the industry and the way he advocates for ag retailers and farmers to get the ...  Show more