Mindy Diamond on Independence for Financial Advisors

Mindy Diamond on Independence for Financial A...

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Creating a Destination for Other Advisors: How a $600mm Breakaway Team Transformed into a $2.8B Business

A conversation with Todd Resnick, Co-Founder and President of One Seven Overview Todd Resnick and his colleagues wanted to serve their clients in new and creative ways but even more so they were attracted to the idea of building what he describes as a “destination” for other advi ...  Show more

Private Bankers Find Greater Independence: Former $2B J.P. Morgan Team on Their New Chapter with Cresset

A conversation with Kevin McGuire and Sarah Burney, Managing Directors and Wealth Advisors at Cresset Overview Private bankers are far less likely to leave the banks they built their businesses at given the challenges they face in a move—most notably portability concerns and gard ...  Show more

2022 Transition Report: An Update on Advisor Movement in the Wealth Management Industry for H1

A conversation with Louis Diamond and Jason Diamond Overview A special episode introducing the Diamond Consultants Transition Report, the first of a semi-annual review of advisor movement in the wealth management industry. Learn 10 key trends from the comprehensive, data-driven r ...  Show more

One-on-One with Rudy Adolf: How Focus Financial Partners Revolutionized RIA M&A—and Went Public in the Process

A conversation with the firm’s Founder, CEO and Chairman Overview Industry legend Rudy Adolf describes how the idea of Focus Financial Partners came to be, filling a gap in how independent financial advisors accessed capital, resources and monetized their life’s work, plus the fi ...  Show more

Industry Update: How to Maximize Your Career Enterprise Value

A conversation with Louis Diamond Overview “Enterprise value” is often discussed in the context of the total value of a business or the cost to acquire a company. But advisors invest their time, energy, and talents in serving clients and fostering growth—creating career enterpris ...  Show more