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Ep. 62 - Spin-Off Games (ft. Thrak of "The 3DO Experience")

LET IT RIPPPPP. Get ready to spin and crash, because this week SuperPod Saga is joined by Thrak of "The 3DO Experience" as they discuss their favorite spin-off games! Games that derive from their source material and do their own unique thing with their own unique flavor! Listen n ...  Show more

Ep. 61 - Cozy Games (ft. Adam of "Halftone Takes")

DISCLAIMER: Tommy's mic was having issues. You'll hear some occasional buzzing. I tried to edit out as much as possible without messing up the conversations. Aren't rainy days the best? Snuggling with your favorite blanket with a hot bowl of soup. Well, how about a sp ...  Show more

Ep. 60 - Our Childhood Favorite Games (ft. The Elder Trolls Gaming Podcast)

Hit the deck! SuperPod Saga is letting loose with this nostalgia blast! No Tommy this time. But Aaron is joined by Jono, Nate, and Dan of "The Elder Trolls Gaming Podcast" as they discuss their favorite games from their childhood. Note to past self: that Beyblade game on PS1 suck ...  Show more

Ep. 59 - Pokemon Gym Draft

Once again we're taking a break from the usual organized chaos of SuperPod Saga and we're doing the first ever SuperPod Pokemon Gym Draft! Aaron is joined by Tim of "Retro Ridoctopus", Jared of "Play Along Podcast", and Aaron's friend Josh (Valarrian) as they build th ...  Show more

Ep. 58 - Games We Like, But Haven't Played (ft. Jameson of "barSILENCE")

There are a lot of games out there. So many games. Like A LOT of games. Naturally, there's even more that we haven't played! Aaron and Tommy are joined by Jameson of "barSILENCE" as they discuss the different games and series that they adore, but haven't played. James ...  Show more