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Platform Diaries with Shane Williams

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The price is right – finding buyers for your business and securing the best deal

You’ve scaled your business and its time to sell; how do you find the right buyers and get the best price? Lowell Ricklefs has decades of experience in selling B2B SaaS businesses; both as an entrepreneur and as an M&A advisor. Lowell shares some of the common mistakes to avoid a ...  Show more

Avoiding a down round in a bear market

Few founders or investors like the prospect of devaluing a business; but with market sentiment cooling how do you raise enough to continue to run and grow the business while avoiding a down round? Melissa Widner, CEO at Lighter Capital, is an experienced entrepreneur and investor ...  Show more

Scaling your sales capability – how to shift sales culture to unlock growth

You’re a founder who’s hired a bunch of sellers to help you drive revenue, but the business is still overly reliant on your ability to sell. How do you successfully scale your sales capability? Mark McInnes, sales capability consultant and founder of Sales Development As A Servic ...  Show more

Sustainable high-growth businesses must have an eye on margins

If you’re going to scale, no matter what kind of business you are in, you need to know how much money it is costing you to deliver each $1 of revenue. Michelle Kvello, Founder and MD of Lantern Partners, discusses why keeping an eye on margin is critical to scalability, what numb ...  Show more

A good time not a long time – why it’s critical to get your ESOP right

Motivating employees to join and stay with your business is a challenge. Employee Share Options Plans are increasingly being adopted in Australia but do founders and employees really understand them? Steve Grace, founder and CEO of The Nudge Group, joins us again to try and demys ...  Show more