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Beats of Desire (DJ Megamix, Vocal House, Progressive House, Melodic House, Techno)

These beats of desire. Includes all the ingedients for a CKYNC episode: fresh  beats Progressive/MelodicHouse/Techno with vocals, Madonna, and some retro melodies. This is Club Kerry NYC (CKNYC).  About CKNYC: Number 1 Indie Dance (Goodpods). Ranked a top 1% most popular global r ...  Show more

Forgiveness [Classic Episode] (DJ Mix, Vocal House, Dance)

A classic CKNYC episode from April 29, 2009. Rereleased celebrating 15 years of Club Kerry NYC. Free: #DJ #Podcast #VocalHouse Number 1 Indie Dance (Goodpods). Ranked a top 1% most popular global reach podcast by Listen Notes. Listed a popular "Podcasts Worth ...  Show more

Diamond Cut is God! (DJ Megamix Tribute) Vocal House, Progressive House

Diamond Cut is God! (DJ Megamix Tribute). Free What the hell happened to Diamond Cut? The latest in my long running DJ/producer tributes including Madonna, Depeche Mode, Tiesto, Armin, Avicci, Freemasons, many more! #VocalHouse #DJ #ProgressiveHouse #Megamix ...  Show more

CKNYC 15th Annibeatsary (Vocal House, Progressive House, DJ)

Celebrate 15 years of CKNYC. Fresh beats, vocals, with a little retro & Madonna. Available as an audio or visualizer. 400+ episodes, 8 million streams, #1 Indie Dance on Goodpods, ranked top 1% global reach by Listen Score, "podcast worth a listen" on PlayerFM, top 20 Chartable, ...  Show more

The Madonna Get Together (Madonna Is God! V.8) DJ Megamix

This is a crossover episode! It features a brief clip from my interview over at The Madonna Get Together Podcast and my latest Madge megamix (Madonna is God! V. 8) inspired by the interview and conversation. A big thank you to Wayne Parker at the MGT podcast. Listen to The Madonn ...  Show more