The Pathless Path with Paul Millerd

The Pathless Path with Paul Millerd

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#147 Cooking Is Easy - Myles Snider on intuitive cooking, living in Argentina, working in Tulum, food industry scripts, health myths, the beauty of "slow cooking"

Myles is a chef and a farmer's market enthusiast. He studied economics and was pursuing many other interests like filmmaking on the side. During his stay in Argentina, he realized that he wanted to follow his true passion - cooking. Although he hasn't gone to a fancy cooking scho ...  Show more

Separating Work & Identity - Simone Stolzoff on the myth of a "Dream Job," last-minute around the world trip, journalism, work, identity, writing his book, knowing when to quit, and the dangers of tur

Simone Stolzoff has worn many hats. He's worked as a writer, designer, and now, Author. He grew up with "four parents", each having a unique influence on him,  He grew up being told he could do whatever he wanted but realized there were assumptions behind that. Over the last coup ...  Show more

#145 Capitalist by Day, Spiritual by Night - Alex Hardy on achievement, Wall Street, tech startups, exiting his company, pride & suffering, his sabbatical, suppressing his curiosity and rediscovering

Alex was crushing it early in his career, ending up on Wall Street after getting a combined JD/MBA.  But after a few years, he went looking for his next mountain, aiming his ambition at the tech sector. He ended up co-founding LiveOak, a company he eventually sold in 2020. After ...  Show more

#144 The Creator Pivot - Khe Hy on laying people off, collapsing course demand, seasons of creativity, having zero change in net worth in eight years, competitiveness, investing, coaching, and marriag

In 2015 Khe left a Wall Street carrier to pursue his own path of "uncomfortable introspection", reevaluating his life. This is a constant process - Khe is always being emergent to himself. Now he finds himself at a crossroads - after a great initial success in 2020, he recently h ...  Show more

#143 The Art of Living - Kyle Kowalski on how to have an existential crisis, synthesizing the art of living, curiosity as fuel, his relationship with money, "killing himself to work" and "purpose wash

Kyle was a marketing executive who believed in the "hard work" ethic. After an existential crisis, he decided to carve his own path as a solopreneur and started Sloww - "a trusted resource of lifelong learning". Kyle describes his purpose as "synthesizing the art of living for st ...  Show more