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1 Year Dad Reflections - Conversation with Sky King & Nat Eliason

This is from Sky King's podcast: info: Nat: Nat also has an amazing book coming out which I highly recommend, "Crypto Confidential": 📕Buy Paul’s Book (50k+ Sold): The Pathless Path 😁 Join Hundr ...  Show more

#173 Solopreneurship After Burnout — Justin Welsh on burnout, taking ownership of his time, struggling with a results oriented mindset, non-monetary success, becoming a top LinkedIn influencer, income

Justin is a former startup executive who helped build two startups past valuations of $1B, teams of 150+ people, and raise over $300M in venture capital. Now he’s building his one-person knowledge business toward $5M in annual profit.🎥🍿 YOUTUBE: WATCH HERELinks:Personal website ...  Show more

Success In The Second Half Of Life — Henry Oliver on John Stuart Mill, Samuel Johnson, Penelope Fitzgerald, why we shouldn't dismiss Gladwell, writing, late bloomers, the importance of finding the oth

Henry is a writer, speaker and brand consultant. He joins the podcast to discuss his upcoming book — Second Act — in which he analysises the phenomenon of late bloomers and what we can learn from them.🎥🍿 YOUTUBE: WATCH HERELinks:Personal websiteSubstack: The Common ReaderX (Twi ...  Show more

"All Work Is Noble," Montessori, and Kids & Work — Matt Bateman on starting growing up with the internet, digital and industrial literacy, studying philosophy and learning how to teach, starting the

Want To Become A Better Writer? Join Write of Passage's Upcoming Cohort Matt Bateman has a PhD in philosophy. He has abandoned the academic career, to pursue education in the Montessori system. A dad of three, he is passionate about educating children. Having worked a lot with tr ...  Show more

Apprenticeships, Sabbaticals & "Good Work" — Steve Schlafman & Matt Yao on slowing down, deprogramming, unlearning, learning from others, deciding to quit, going on a sabbatical, not being jealous any

Want To Become A Better Writer? Join Write of Passage's "Test Drive" Workshop Steve is a professional coach and the founder of Downshift — the world's first decelerator. He has left a career in venture, but he remains ambitious, it's just that his ambition is now to have a good, ...  Show more